The Berlin Hot Spot Stores

Berlin is the capital and largest city of Germany by both area and population. With its more than 3.7 million inhabitants makes it the European Union’s most populous city, according to the population within city limits. One of Germany’s sixteen constituent states, Berlin is surrounded by the State of Brandenburg and contiguous with Potsdam, Brandenburg’s capital.

According to Mercer, Berlin ranked number 13 in the quality of living city ranking in 2019. And according to Monocle, Berlin occupies the position of the 6th-most-livable city in the world.

Next to a long list of must-see sightseeings in the city, Berlin is also a true shopping paradise. The city has a wide range of different kinds of stores, it goes from traditional to modern shopping malls, to luxury designers and vintage shops, to antique markets and bargain stores.

But, Berlin is also presenting a very wide selection of denim stores and stores that represent this lifestyle. Every now and than new stores are opening their doors to be present in the vibrating city that is very easy to travel.

As there are way too many stores to highlight, here’s a short list of 12 must-visit (denim) stores to explore in the Berlin city!

berlin germany stores

  • Levi’s

Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 8

levi's berlin

  • Nudie

Memhardstraße 7

nudie berlin

  • Burg & Schild

Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 3

burg & schild berlin

  • Red Wing Shoes

Münzstraße 8

red wing shoes berlin

  • Lee

Alte Schönhauser Strasse 38

lee berlin

  • Edwin

Rochstraße 18

edwin berlin

  • 14oz Originals

Münzstraße 21

14oz originals berlin

  • Stetson

Münzstraße 21

stetson berlin

  • Universal Works

Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 28

universal works berlin

  • Merz b. Schwanen

Gormannstr. 25

merz b schwanen berlin

  • DC4

Anklamer Strasse 50

dc4 berlin

  • Fein und Ripp

Kastanienallee 91/92

fein und ripp berlin

Written by Wouter Munnichs
I'm the founder of Long John. Next to running this daily magazine, I'm working as a freelance denim specialist for the industry. Titled as 'Denim Influencer 2020' by Rivet 50. Celebrated my 10th anniversary with Long John in 2021.