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The 5 Influences For Your Next Purchase

When entering a denim store to buy a new pair of jeans, there are 5 main influences that are key for your next purchase. Influences you thought about before going shopping, or popping up when you’re in the denim store. Of course, this is also the case when shopping online.

These influences can come in random order, but the fact is that they are coming along at some point. Let’s zoom in on these 5 influences that influence your next favorite pair of jeans.

Influence #1) Price

The price for a pair of jeans is for most people key. Most people are having a budget in mind when they want to buy a new jeans. This is determined by where you’re going to shop, and in what kind of price-level denim store. What type of denim retail segment as nowadays you can get a pair of jeans in all different price leagues. It can also be that you sometimes buy are more expensive pair, because it was, for example, love at first sight with a particular pair, and sometimes your budget is tight due to certain circumstances.

Having a price point in mind before you start to orientate on a new pair of jeans helps you to make the first shift in a denim store and denim brand. As said, there are pairs of jeans available in all kinds of price levels, from fast fashion to design jeans and everything in between, so setting a price on forehand will make it easier to start in the denim jungle.

Influence #2) Fit

When you set your budget to buy your new jeans, the fit is the next step. What kind of jeans fit do you want to include in your denim wardrobe? Are you going for a slim fit, classic regular style, or a more roomy boxy silhouette? The same as having your budget in mind, it will help you to know what kind of fit your new pair of jeans needs to be.

The key to choosing the perfect fit for you is to look at your body type, as not everyone is shaped the same, remember. If you don’t have a clue what type of jeans fit is the best for you, good skilled retail staff can help you out of course to make the right choice or to point you in the right direction.

You can read more about skilled denim store staff in previous article here.

Influence #3) Fabric

Jeans are made in all kinds of different fabrics. And sometimes a brand makes a specific jeans style also in several fabrics. So, when you know the price, and the fit of your jeans you can choose your fabric. Therefore you need to know if you prefer a sturdy heavy fabric or a more comfortable quality that feels soft from day one. Another factor is the color. Are you going for an original blue jeans, or do you prefer a more rock and roll black jeans, or maybe a colored fabric, like yellow, purple, or red? You name it as the choice is huge nowadays.

Influence #4) Washing

Part of picking the right fabric is the washing (look) on jeans. These are going hand in hand (as most of the time), the designer of the jeans has thought about the fabric and the washing in the design process already. Some fabrics lend themselves to a specific washing. See it as an architecture that thinks about the construction of a building and what type of bricks to use in the same phase.

The most authentic jeans are unwashed and made with so-called rigid fabrics. This means that they’re raw and don’t have any factory treatment yet, you need to ‘break in’ your pair of jeans yourself. But, some people prefer an one wash or rinse, in this case, the fabric has already got the first treatment. After these two options comes a very diverse palette of all kinds of washings or finishes. It goes from a slightly worn-in look created by washes to heavily destroyed versions with rips and holes.

The same jeans with the same fabric can have a totally different look, so pick one that fits you as a person. In the end, you need to feel comfortable in your jeans, right?!

Influence #5) Details

The last key influence when buying a pair of jeans are the details. They give a certain look to the jeans. For example, do you prefer a button or zip fly? But also, think about the branding elements as what kind of buttons, rivets, patches, and color of stitching are used? These details influence your purchase too of course as they can make or break a pair of jeans in your decision phase.

Some brands develop their key styles, the pairs of jeans that are the most important in their collection, in several options that go from a tone-down version, to medium and even heavy versions. This is to serve most people, so everyone can pick her or his version so it will stay close to their personality.

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Written by Wouter Munnichs
I'm the founder of Long John. Next to running this daily magazine, I'm working as a freelance denim specialist for the industry. Titled as 'Denim Influencer 2020' by Rivet 50. Celebrated my 10th anniversary with Long John in 2021.