Exploring Old Mines

Exploring Abandoned Mines is a YouTube channel that is dedicated by exploring old closed mines. In one of their latest videos, they went to Arizona where they were invited by Allen Armstrong from the Castle Dome Museum.

The museum is a non-profit museum/ghost town dedicated to the preservation and restoration of Castle Dome City. Castle Dome city sits on a location changed little by time allowing people to visit a true time capsule of old west history.

The Castle Dome

Castle Dome sits on the second patented mine in 1871 and it is the longest worked mining district in the state. There are over 300 mines in the Castle Dome District. All the explored items are on display in the museum.

Many of the artifacts in the museum have come from underground, including old pairs of Levi’s, miners clothing, powder boxes, drill steel, dynamite spoons, tamping rods, candle holders, notes, canned goods, tools, ore cars, ore buckets and old bottles (bottles dating from 1874).

Dangerous Old Closed Mines

It’s very dangerous to go into old closed mines. The guys from Exploring Abandoned Mines are well trained, have the right equipment and experience.

There are many dangers in abandoned mines as wild animals, toxic gases, low oxygen levels, unstable ground conditions, and unexploded dynamite.

7 Pairs Of Original Miner Jeans

It is the first time since the late 1800s that they went back into the mine shaft. They went 220 feet (around 68 meters) deep and found some really rare denim miner pieces which were ‘buried’ under rocks. In total, they found 7 pairs of original miner jeans which dates back to the late 1800s, so very rare (and prized!) pairs. 3 pairs were Levi’s, the rest were 2 x Stonghold, and 2 x Pacifico. All the jeans are ‘one back pocket’ pairs, so produced before the early 1900s.

The jeans were kept by the mine owner. They are supposed to be put on display at the museum.

Watch It

Watch the full video (more than 22 minutes) here;

Watch more videos from Exploring Abandoned Mines here.

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Written by Wouter Munnichs
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