A Few Highlights Of 2020

Tomorrow we’re closing 2020. So, today it’s the last day of a very challenging year for all of us. A year full of unexpected happenings, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic. In just a few weeks the entire world changed in a situation we would never think could happen. Fortunately, there are also beautiful things to look back on this year.

There’re too many highlights to cover in a recap from this year, but to close the year, I would like to share some of my highlights of a very vibrating 2020.

  • Titled As Denim Influencer 2020

This year I’m honored to be titled Denim Influencer 2020′ by Rivet 50. Rivet 50 Sourcing Journal is an index of the most creative and forward-thinking leaders driving the global jeanswear industry. This list represents the upward direction the denim community strives for with each new collection, innovation, and technology.

There were 5 categories: Designer, Executive, Retailers, Supply Chain, and Influencer.

rivet 50

rivet 50

  • Bought My Oldest 501 For My Denim Archive

I was lucky to get my hands on an original pair of Levi’s 501 waist overalls which date back to the early 1900s. It was found this year in a closed abandoned mine in Nevada, America. This pair of Levi’s waist overalls is produced somewhere between 1901 and 1921. It’s the oldest pair in my archive, and also a historical reference point in the history of denim.

levi's 501

levi's 501

In case you have missed the article about this pair, read the full story here.

  • Freelance (Denim) Projects

Next to running this online Long John denim magazine, I’m also working as a freelance denim specialist for brands, retail, mills, and events. I worked this year on many projects, mostly focussed on creating unique content (offline and online), branding projects, developing, connecting, and overall marketing support.

One of the projects was to consult a new suspender and bow-tie brand, Sir Redman. I also worked with them on a special denim collection which is made with selvedge fabrics from the Italian Candiani denim mill.

sir redman

sir redman

sir redman

Also, with the Butts and Shoulders brand, we made some new steps. We developed some new styles, and set-up a few outstanding collaborations with brands as Amsterdenim.

butts and shoulders

butts and shoulders


If you’re looking for some freelance denim support, please send an e-mail with all the possibilities to wouter@long-john.nl

  • 50K Followers On Instagram

Another milestone this year is that I reached 50K followers on Instagram. Instagram is still the strongest social channel today to inspire, connect, and share content. Most of the content is about denim, but also related content that shows the denim lifestyle in general.

instagram long john

In case you don’t follow me yet on Instagram, check it out here @longjohn_denimblog.

  • Online Denim Days Event

I’m also part of the organization of Denim Days in Amsterdam. Normally we held the event once a year in Amsterdam, but this year we colored all the screens blue. The 7th edition of the event was organized online, with a very inspiring and exciting program.

denim days

If you missed it, you can get a glimpse of it in the recap video.

  • Interviews And Publications

Also this year several blogs, platforms, and magazine’s covered my (denim) story. This year it was again a mix of magazines for professionals and consumers. Some of them were Jeans Cult, J’N’C magazine, and twice in The Heritage Post.

jnc magazine

jnc magazine

jnc magazine

See more of the publications here, here, and here.

  • Created Around 300 Articles On Long John

With daily updates, I share the latest news about denim and high-quality made products on my online denim magazine Long John. You can explore the latest (denim) trends, meet (denim) people, find the most outstanding pieces and stores, and see what’s happening in the industry in general.

This year I created around 300 articles on Long John to highlight the coolest brands, retailers, mills, events, and (denim) people.

long john

long john

In case you’re interested as a company to be part of Long John too, please send an e-mail with all the possibilities to wouter@long-john.nl

  • Joined Several Webinars And Workshops

This year was all about online workshops, seminars, and events due to the current global situation. Normally I educate and inspire store staff, brands, and so on with my denim workshops, but, this year it moved to online.

I did workshops for several clients, and was also part of seminars and panels as the Global Denim Hang, Wall of Fade, and the denim think thank webinar Chronicles of Denim Archeologists by Carved in Blue / Tencel with some of the finest denim (collectors) in the industry.

global denim hang


Watch the entire denim think thank webinar Chronicles of Denim Archeologists by Carved in Blue / Tencel.

  • What’s Next In 2021?

One of the celebrations for this new upcoming year will be the 10th anniversary of my Long John online magazine, and my freelance denim support. A fresh year with a lot of new challenges ahead! I’m looking forward to it, and can’t wait to be part again of new challenges, and adventures.

Thanks for all your support!

Stay blue, stay denim & stay safe.


Wouter Munnichs
Long John

wouter munnichs

Showcase your brand or product on Long John to reach your target audience, read more about it here, or send an email for the possibilities: wouter@long-john.nl

Written by Wouter Munnichs
I'm the founder of Long John. Next to running this daily magazine, I'm working as a freelance denim specialist for the industry. Titled as 'Denim Influencer 2020' by Rivet 50. Celebrated my 10th anniversary with Long John in 2021.