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Amsterdenim Creative Brand Boost Video

Amsterdenim teamed-up with De Speld for a creative way to highlight their brand. De Speld is a satirical Dutch news site. The Amsterdenim brand is a melting of Amsterdam and denim as you can see in their name. You will also see the connection in their logo with the pointed rooftops of the Amsterdam’s remarkable canal houses.

With millions of tourists every year, Amsterdam is a very popular destination for city trips. In the 1.5 minute video here below, produced by De Speld, tourists discuss the problems with locals from Amsterdam. Their frustration grows, but so does the viewer’s sympathy for the locals. The brand Amsterdenim plays a big role in that. In the words of tourist Julia in the video: “Look at them being all perfect, wearing their own Amsterdam jeans like they own the place.”

The video is a funny and smart idea to boost your denim brand viral.

amsterdenim longjohn

Written by Wouter Munnichs
I'm the founder of Long John. Next to running this daily magazine, I'm working as a freelance denim specialist for the industry. Titled as 'Denim Influencer 2020' by Rivet 50. Celebrating my 10th anniversary with Long John this year.