Baytech Sustainable Technologies

HMS Is A Patented Sustainable Textile Abrasive

The Turkish-based family company Baytech Sustainable Technologies manufactures and sells the unique patented sustainable textile stone washing abrasive HMS (Hand Made Stone). With HMS, they can remove indigo from jeans in an innovative and sustainable way while achieving the vintage looks and fades people are always searching for. To achieve this, they’re using their decades of experience in the industry to create a product that is mutually beneficial for both the denim industry and the environment.

Baytech Sustainable Technologies

30 Years Of Denim Experience

The inventor of HMS and the CTO of the company, Yavuz Baykan, has been in the denim industry for the last 30 years, managing one of the biggest manufacturing plants in Turkey. He is skilled in every process from cutting to packing, but he has always had a special passion for washing. During his time in the factory, Mr. Yavuz, who also is a doctor in Agricultural Engineering, continuously worked in the lab to innovate and develop new solutions for our industry and the environment. HMS was one of these innovations for which he spent 5 years developing and 2 years getting the patent. He keeps his creative and curious side alive by continuously doing research and development at Baytech.

The Uniqueness Of Hand Made Stone

The HMS product is a sustainable denim stonewash abrasive that is extremely durable, microplastic free, does not create sludge, helps keep the fabric strength at the highest point, gives the authentic stonewash look, while saving water, time, and energy. Not only is HMS sustainable, Baytech also holds various certificates to back its sustainability claims.

In addition, HMS does not pose any harm to the health of the workers. Since it is low-maintenance, the labor required to carry, load, store, and clean the stones is reduced substantially. This creates a hassle-free, more organized work environment. No new infrastructural investment is required either, it works with the same machines as pumice does.

HMS is the only composite/synthetic stone registered on the EIM system with its trademark, plus the only one in the green range. This makes HMS a great pumice alternative for the brands. Using HMS, they can achieve the closest effects to pumice compared to any other alternative in the world.

Baytech Sustainable Technologies

HMS & the Other Sustainable Innovations Hand-in-Hand

HMS does not only differ from other sustainable stones, but from other abrasions as well. Baytech has a holistic approach, and combines innovations, customizations, and technologies. With over 30 years in the industry, and years of research, Baytech pushes the limits of sustainability and abrasion. Not only is innovation an essential core of who Baytech is, HMS products remain customizable for the needs of the customers. The malleability of HMS is therefore sustainable-innovation friendly and elevates the efficiency of other innovations.

HMS Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

  • Transportation: As HMS is much more durable than pumice, your stone shipments decrease by approximately 98%, which means a 98% decrease in your carbon footprint related to the stone shipments.
  • Storage: Factories will need substantially (around 98%) less storage space since you get so much more out of HMS compared to its conventional alternatives.
  • Water Usage: HMS requires at least 20% less water per load, with the option to drystone (100% less water). It does not leave dust on the garments, eliminating the post-abrasion rinsing that requires hundreds of liters of water.
  • Energy: HMS works with cold water. No energy is wasted on water heating.
  • Wastewater Systems: Thanks to its durability and components, HMS does not create sludge like pumice and your wastewater systems will be more efficient than ever.
  • No Earth Contamination: Currently, the excessive amount of sludge created by pumice goes to landfills, contaminating the earth. HMS does not create sludge like pumice, making stonewash an easily-maintained process.

Baytech Sustainable Technologies

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Written by Wouter Munnichs
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