Be Part Of The Silvercreek Lewis Selvage Jeans Project

Last week Dutch brand Silvercreek celebrated the 3-year anniversary of their flagship store in Breda, NL. For this celebration, they launched the special Lewis Selvage jeans. Check all the details of these jeans in the previous article here.

The Silvercreek Lewis jeans is made of one of the last salvage meters of White Oak by Cone Denim. The jeans are a true limited edition as the White Oak mill closed its doors by the end of 2017. All the pairs of this production are numbered by hand. They produced 392 pairs of the 13.5oz redline selvage fabric which is colored with natural indigo. Every pair will be delivered in a special box with a letter and a certificate of origin.

silvercreek lewis selvage

silvercreek lewis selvage

Denimheads With Silvercreek Lewis Selvage Jeans

After one week of the official release of the Silvercreek Lewis Selvage jeans, the stock of the pairs is going fast. A lot of denimheads already scored a pair in the brand’s flagship store or via their online store.

silvercreek lewis

Share Your Fades

As the Silvercreek Lewis jeans is made of unwashed fabric, every scratch, mark or spot on the jeans will reflect the wearer’s lifestyle, so each wearer will create their own personal washing. In the end, each pair will be unique. And it will fit like a glove as the sturdy fabric will soften with wear and will shape around your own body.

With the purchase of a pair, you can show your fading process to the rest of the world. Follow the Silvercreek Lewis Selvage on their Instagram feed @silvercreek95 and find also updates of the wearers with hashtag #silvercreekselvage.

wouter munnichs

silvercreek lewis

Wouter Munnichs, founder Long John, with a pair of Silvercreek Lewis Selvage.

Denim Fading Contest

And there’s more. After a year of the official launch, the best worn-out pairs will be displayed in a denim fading contest expo. This denim expo will be set-up in the brand’s flagship store in Breda, NL. A jury, with proffessionals as; Maarten ten Dam (Product Manager at Silvercreek), Menno Dings (Marketing Manager at Silvercreek) and yours truly, Wouter Munnichs (Founder Long John), will judge the outcome of all the returned pairs and select one winner.

The winning worn-out fade of the jeans will be replicated into the core denim collection of Silvercreek. With this achievement, your personal fade can be seen on many other people their legs. A victory for each denimhead.

silvercreek lewis

A jury, with proffessionals as; Menno Dings (Marketing Manager at Silvercreek), Wouter Munnichs (Founder Long John), and Maarten ten Dam (Product Manager at Silvercreek),

If you want to be part of this Silvercreek denim challenge too, score your own pair here and break it in one year around. Enjoy the Silvercreek fading ride.

Written by Wouter Munnichs
I'm the founder of Long John. Next to running this daily magazine, I'm working as a freelance denim specialist for the industry. Titled as 'Denim Influencer 2020' by Rivet 50. Celebrated my 10th anniversary with Long John in 2021.