Bespoke denim craft by Paul Kruize

Paul Kruize Jeans is a one-man company born out of the ongoing search for the perfect pair of jeans. In fact Paul Kruize is the company. Paul studied fashion and he worked as a designer for years, but secretly he always wanted to be a tailor. And especially a denim tailor. As the years went by, he was drawn more and more to making jeans. Not fashion items, but classic and timeless high-quality bespoke jeans. The bespoke jeans from Paul Kruize are minimalistic, but with a lot of rich details. He believes that less is more.

Paul Kruize

After a time of experimenting, developing of patterns, making numerous samples it was the year 2014 that he was ready to present himself as a bespoke jeans maker on his quest for the ultimate pair of jeans. Today, he want to grow his skills as a jeans maker, not the size of his company. He wants to work for individuals, not for labels. He’s driven by the tailor’s attitude: mastering and personally executing the total process, from measuring to making.

The ultimate pair of jeans by Paul Kruize

Now after three years he has found his place in the world of denim. He reached his goal of searching for the ultimate pair of bespoke jeans. And literally, by living and working in Roombeek, Enschede, an area in the east of The Netherlands with an exceptionally rich heritage in the textile industry. Paul Kruize was born into a family of garment producers, so it makes him think this was always meant to be…

You can see Paul Kruize live at work at Bluezone during the Munich Fabric Start fair on the 5th, 6th and 7th of September.

In the video here below you will see the work of craftsman Paul Kruize, making a pair of bespoke jeans.

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Written by Wouter Munnichs
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