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Special Selveldge Collaboration

Blaumann Jeanshosen developed a special selvedge fabric with the Kuroki denim mill from Japan. This special woven selvedge fabric is available in one of the brand’s cornerstone denim styles, their Schmaler (tapered) fit.

blaumann jeanshosen

The Special Selvedge Fabric

The fabric is exclusively woven by Kuroki. The selvedge right-hand fabric shows the colors white, blue, green, white. The white and blue in the ID refer to the Blaumann Jeanshosen logo colors, while green refers to the sustainable part of the fabric as it’s made of bio-cotton. The fabric is unwashed, so ready for future fades.

blaumann jeanshosen

The Kuroki Mill

The Kuroki denim mill is founded in 1950 by Tamotsu Kuroki. During the 1960s they started to produce denim fabrics. In the beginning, they vat-dyed their denim fabrics, but in the 1970s they switched over to full-scale production of rope dyed fabrics. Rope Dye is giving their fabrics a more authentic look and allows to develop future fades that mimicked and even rivaled those of the original American blue jean makers.

During the 1980s their commodity department was established and new machines for raw material processing were installed to convert to an integrated production factory. Around ten years later, their dye color department was established. The rope dye machine was installed, and their integrated production factory was completed.

Nowadays the Kuroki mill is a very respected denim mill and they provide top-notch selvedge fabrics.

blaumann jeanshosen

Details Of The Jeans

The Blaumann Jeanshosen jeans is a classic five-pocket style which is two-toned colored stitched, lemon and tobacco. The waistband is lined for extra durability, and on the waistband, they sewed a label that shows that the fabric is woven in Japan, but the jeans itself is produced in Germany. Just as the hardware, as the rivets and buttons are produced in Germany too.

On the inner pocket, they added a graphic design with a handshake, and text that the jeans is made of certified bio-cotton. So, as the jeans is unwashed (raw), it hasn’t a washing, and you can create your own wear pattern with this special selvedge fabric.

This special Blaumann Jeanshosen is now available in their webshop here.

blaumann jeanshosen

blaumann jeanshosen

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Written by Wouter Munnichs
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