Blue Blanket Jeans P21 Loomstate Jeans

Blue Blanket jeans developed a new jeans style called P21. The new Blue Blanket P21 jeans is a very special one. The jeans is made from a classic loomstate fabric. Loomstate fabrics are coming directly off the loom, so they are raw, unsanforized. The loomstate fabrics are the most pure fabrics as they have zero treatments. This means that the fabric will shrink, other than sanforized fabrics, up to 7% to 10%, when you will wash your jeans. You will have to size-up your jeans with 1 or 2 sizes due the shrinkage.

The Blue Blanket P21 jeans is a more comfort, anti-fit style. The loomstate fabric is 13.75oz righthand selvedge and woven in Japan. Loomstate fabrics will give your jeans a very authentic look and feel. One of the most remarkable signs of a worn pair of Blue Blanket P21 jeans are the twisted legs with the so called ‘train tracks’. The new Blue Blanket style is for the denimheads who appreciate the true originals from the early days.

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Antonio di Battista

Blue Blanket P21 Loomstate Jeans

Sneak picture of how the Blue Blanket P21 Loomstate jeans will age with wear and after its washed. Note the twisted legs, very nice authentic detail.

About Blue Blanket Jeans

The Blue Blanket jeans brand is founded by Antonio di Battista from Italy. Antonio is besides the owner of the Blue Blanket jeans brand also a very respected denim designer and vintage denim collector. With Blue Blanket he aims to make jeans with the best elements;

  • Italian and U.S. pure indigo selvedge denim
  • Italian design and craftmanship
  • Historical U.S. jeans details and construction.

Written by Wouter Munnichs
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