Recently I bought this great new book ‘Visser Truien’ (Dutch) by Stella Ruhe, translation in English is Fishermen Sweaters. The book describes all the different sweaters from 40 old fisher villages in Holland. Back in the days every village had their own sweater with their own patern on it. The women made these while the men were on sea. You could recognize the home village of every fisherman with his sweater. The book feature all the different paterns from all the Dutch fishermen sweats, and ofcourse a lot of great authentic stories. This is one of those great stories: When a fishermen died at sea because of a shipwreck they could recognize his village of origin with his sweater, so they know where to transported the body. If the family doens’t had enough money for the funeral they used the golden earrings from the fishermen to pay the bills.

Great pictures and nice stories. They also publised the book in English. Check below some impressions of the book.

Dutch cover

English cover

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Written by Wouter Munnichs
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