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Levi’s 1873 Jeans Sold For $100,000,-

Last weekend at the second edition of ‘Durango Vintage Festivus‘, the oldest known pair of Levi’s jeans sold for $100,000,-. This pair of Levi’s jeans dates back to 1873 and is sold to an anonymous online bidder during the auction.

durango vintage festivus

Sold To An Anonymous Online Bidder

The four days at ‘Durango Vintage Festivus‘ were loaded with great content, but the main highlight was this pair of 1873 Levi’s jeans. It was the the last item at the auction, therefore is had acution number #138. This pair was discovered in a mine back in 1969. Estimated was the price between $150,000,- and $300,000,-, but it ended up selling at $100,000,-. This historical pair of jeans is sold to an anonymous online bidder from Thailand. The buyer paid in the end $115,000,- after the 15% auction fee.

levi's 1873 brit eaton

Screenshot of the auction online at Live Auctioneers.com

A New Record At The Event

Brit Eaton, the founder of the ‘Durango Vintage Festivus‘ and owner of the Levi’s jeans bought the jeans from a Japanese collector last year. This is to have again a very rare and true historical pair as the main highlight of the denim auction.

Last year, Brit Eaton sold an 1880s pair of Levi’s jeans for $76,000,- to Kyle Hautner and Zip Stevenson. They did a bid on this pair again, ending at $98K. With the selling of the 1873 pair of Levi’s jeans for $100,000,-, he set a new record at the second edition of his ‘Durango Vintage Festivus‘. And it’s also one of the most expensive pairs of jeans in the world.

Durango Vintage Festivus

Images of the Levi’s jeans provided by Brit Eaton and made by Scott Rhea.

Some Details Of The Levi’s 1873 Jeans

The single back pocket Levi’s jeans is made of a lighter-weight fabric than the usual pants from the American denim brand. The rivets are not embossed, which was common in the first run of Levi’s jeans. They started to emboss their rivets from 1874 and onwards. The coin (or watch) pocket is placed higher and is attached to the waistband with a cinch back. There’s a missing part at the bottom of the right leg and rust spots can be seen around the holes. There’s also no arcuate stitching on the single back pocket.

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Watch The Auction Filmed By Ezze

In case you couldn’t make it to join the ‘Durango Vintage Festivus‘, luckily Ezze (Ezze is a live-streaming and short video social shopping app that allows you to join virtual events) was there to record the auction. Watch it here below.

Written by Wouter Munnichs
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