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Denim: Street Style, Vintage, Obsession Book by Amy Leverton

Amy Leverton, known of her work as a denim trend forecaster and consultant in the industry is launching her new book. The book will be a follow-up on her very successful first book Denim Dudes. The new book will be launched exactly three years after the first one was released. In case you have slept the last three years, go check the Denim Dudes book here.

As the name already says her first book Denim Dudes was all about cool dudes dressed in denim. Now it’s time to celebrate the denim lifestyle from the women, or dudettes, too. In her new book Denim: Street Style, Vintage, Obsession Book she highlights the most inspiring blue girls from the globe.

The book Denim: Street Style, Vintage, Obsession Book is divided in three different chapters; America, Europe and Asia & Australia. Through the different chapters the most unique and inspiring outfits come along dressed by beautiful blue dudettes. These dudettes are showing the most rare, unique and creative blue outfits. The book is a true inspiration source with denim street style pictures. A must have for everyone with an interest in the most powerful garment ever made. Denim: Street Style, Vintage, Obsession Book is published by Rizzoli and contains 256 full colour pages.

By the end of this month the book Denim: Street Style, Vintage, Obsession Book will be available, but to get you already in the right blue mood I did a short interview with author Amy Leverton about her new denim baby. And I will also share the first denim dudettes, exclusively here on Long John. (Read more about Amy Leverton in the topic Meet the Person here).

Amy Leverton – author Denim Dudes / Denim: Street Style, Vintage, Obsession Book.

denimdudes longjohn

Pic by Ryan Lopez.

  • Can you describe the core idea behind your new denim book?

Amy Leverton: ”When I set out to work on Denim Dudes I 100% knew I would follow it up with a women’s version. As a woman working in denim it has struck me as quite a masculine world yet I’d met so many talented and knowledgeable ‘denim dudettes’ I knew I wanted to celebrate them. So the idea behind Denim Dudes was always intended to be replicated. Essentially the book is a celebration of denim style combined with denim know-how. Each woman is picked for a mixture of her way of putting indigo ensembles together with an unending passion for jeans.”

  • When started the idea of doing a follow-up on your Denim Dudes book?

Amy Leverton: ”So as I said it was about 6 years ago when the Denim Dudes concept came into my head, but I actually started work on it about 3 years ago, the same year that Denim Dudes launched. I had a few obstacles in the way that meant it took longer than I would have liked to come out but I’m quite pleased in the end that its coming out almost exactly the same time, three years later. Feels kinda ‘meant to be’.”

  • Is there a favorite picture or person in the book? And can you explain why?

Amy Leverton: ”Well I love different women for different reasons….I love Lauren from Ponytail Journal/ W’Menswear. She always looks effortless and tomboy but for the shoot she went all-in and chose an antique Indonesian indigo outfit covered in insane embroidery and stitched-on coins. Its pretty incredible and was shot by the always-awesome Eric Kvatek in a market in Bangkok. They really collaborated to bring something unique to the book and I am forever grateful! Denim dream team.”

  • Is the book only interesting to buy for hardcore denimheads?

Amy Leverton: ”With Denim Dudes I actively tried to push it away from the traditional raw denimhead person simply because if you only include denimheads they’re going to wind up wearing the same brands/looks and have very similar style. So even with Denim Dudes I tried to appeal to a broader audience. With Dudettes that was even easier because women are more experimental and less ‘uniform-y’ than men. So there is more of a wide variety of denim styling and yes, I’m hoping that opens it up to a wider audience. At the end of the day, there is no room for denim snobbism in my world; the whole point of denim is its universal accessibility and so if people approach it from a closed ‘boys club’ mentality then they’re missing the point.”

  • What can we expect as follow-up on the book? A third edition book dedicated to denim?

Amy Leverton: ”Hell yeah! I’ve already started shooting two of my follow up books actually! When shooting the women’s book we shot some ‘diddy denimheads’ and I have already also shooting denim interiors (stores, homes, design studios) with my interior photographer friend here in LA. Can’t decide which one to run next! Probably the interiors book.”

denimdudes longjohn

Yukiko Kai, Shot by Takuya Shima, Tokyo.

denimdudes longjohn

Hsiang Chin Moe, shot by Eric Kvatek, New York.

denimdudes longjohn

Sofia Lundqvist, shot by Alberto Comper, Melbourne.

denimdudes longjohn

Jane Herman, shot by Eric Kvatek, New York.

denimdudes longjohn

Yuzuki Kamada, shot by Takuya Shima, Tokyo.

denimdudes longjohn

Lilun Jiang, shot by Eric Kvatek, Bangkok.

denimdudes longjohn

Nina Kaplan, shot by Ryan Lopez, Los Angeles.

You can now pre-order Denim: Street Style, Vintage, Obsession Book by Amy Leverton here.

Written by Wouter Munnichs
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