Introduction of Orta Anadolu

One of the leading denim manufacturers is Orta Anadolu from Istanbul – Turkey. Orta Anadolu is founded in 1953 and has a rich history as it comes to denim fabrics. In the year 1985 they transformed their business from a spinning and weaving company to a denim manufacturer. Today Orta Anadolu produces more than 60 million meters of denim in its Turkey and Bahrain factories. One of the major key elements of Orta’s philosophy are transparency, sustainable, commitment and trustworthiness.

Orta Anadolu collaborates with artists, designers, vintage dealers and trend-setters. One of their collaboration highlights from last year was the launch of their ‘The 5374 Vintage Showroom Book’ made with vintage experts Doug Gunn and Roy Luckett from ‘The Vintage Showroom’ – London. The 5374 books shows the most valuable and unique items from the huge Orta’s denim archive. Take a look at the book here.

Orta Anadolu’s sustainable approach

We’re living in turbulent times, times when a lot of things are changing. Also within the denim industry. Orta Anadolu’s approach is to collaborate and harness sustainable, biological technologies emerging in leading labs around the globe. In an era of change, Orta Anadolu’s handprint will promote denim manufacturing at the intersection of where people, planet and purpose matter. Below in bullit points the main focus of Orta Anadolu;

  • To reinvent the crass industrial weight of unsustainable manufacturing processes.
  • To innovate with transformational biology and technology that promotes more aesthetics and ethics.
  • To explore new horizons mentally, physically, emotionally, and sensorially.
  • To celebrate the artisan.
  • To support the human spirit of Orta Anadolu co-workers, customers and consumers.
  • To make jeans matter for the next-generation.

Orta Anadolu latest denim development Biocharge

Orta Anadolu are always developing new denim fabric innovations which are outstanding and unique in the industry. This to offer their clients the latest possibilities which makes them more special. To display these new innovations Orta is joining international fabric trade shows. The latest developments by Orta are now on display during the Munich Fabric Start show. Orta is showcasing in both Bluezone and Keyhouse area’s their new and impressive Biocharge fabric. Biocharge is the worlds first muscle wellness denim fabric. A denim fabric that optimizes your physical energy needs.

Biocharge is intelligent denim infused with an innovative combination of minerals designed and medically proven to refresh muscles with the energy you need to get through the day, while helping support muscle regeneration to reduce stress or tension. The three key elements of the Biocharge fabric are;

  • Ultimate wellness: Biocharge is the ultimate wellness fabric, acting like a denim masseuse.
  • Energizes muscles: Biocharge helps your muscles feel re-energized and relaxed when you need it most.
  • Body Balance: Biocharge helps to improve body balance through minerals infused into denim fabric.

In a nutshell Biocharge optimizes body balance, energizes tired muscles, relieves muscle tensions and pains, improves muscle recovery and maximizes relaxation during sleep.

Explore the new sustainable and revolutionary Orta Anadolu denim fabrics at the Munich Fabric Start show.

Shots from the Orta Anadolu Biocharge booth at Munich Fabric Start show.

Written by Wouter Munnichs
I'm the founder of Long John. Next to running this daily magazine, I'm working as a freelance denim specialist for the industry. Titled as 'Denim Influencer 2020' by Rivet 50. Celebrated my 10th anniversary with Long John in 2021.