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The Reproduction Of The Oldest Jeans Fabric

Diesel recreated the oldest jeans fabric ever documented in history as an homage to Genoa in Italy. Genoa is known for trousers made of the tough blue cloth named ‘bleu de Gênes’ (the blue of Genoa) thus the appellation, blue jeans.

diesel genoa

The Fabric Dates Back More Than 300 Years Ago

The original fabric dates back to 1760-80, so more than three hundred years ago. It was the period when local townspeople and laborers in Genoa were first seen wearing jeans as part of their daily wardrobes. The colors of the fabric ranged from standard indigo to brown to white.

The reproduced fabric was done by using handmade Italian textiles and workmanship. The re-creation was exhibited at the Genova Jeans event in Genoa, Italy. As to the accuracy of the denim’s reproduction and integrity, the fabric and garment are certified and verified by the art, textile, and costume historian Marzia Cataldi Gallo.

diesel genoa

diesel genoa

The Nativity Figurine Pasquale Navone

The oldest pair of jeans can be seen on a nativity figurine by Pasquale Navone (1746-1791). This figurine shows a man with denim trousers, which were woven diagonally in a 2 x 1 fabric with a blue cotton weft and white linen warp. This sculpture represents the oldest historical instances of jeans and can be seen at Museo Giannettino Loxoro, which is situated in Genoa.

diesel genoa

The First Pair Of Jeans From Diesel’s Founder, Renzo Rosso

Next to this recreation of the oldest jeans fabric in history by Diesel you could also see the first pair of jeans made by the founder of the brand, Renzo Rosso. Renzo created this pair at an age of 17 years young. It was the beginning of his denim journey.

Next to these, they also showed a multi-part exhibition from Diesel that centers on the heritage of its jeans, its journey towards a more sustainable denim product and practice, and how the company has utilized jeans to help transform the world of advertising.

diesel genoa


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Written by Wouter Munnichs
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