Farmer’s Racer Bags from Sweden

Farmer’s Racer is an one man company started by Lars Gustavsson. Farmer’s Racer is located in the south east of the Swedish spruce forests. The brand is a dedication to serve outdoor adventurers and urban hikers with a bag for their lifestyle. All the bags are made by hand is the little workshop from Lars. The bags are available since 2012 are they ship them directly to consumers, so they don’t work with retailers. This is also why they can ship them out for free worldwide.

The story of the Farmer’s Racer bag dates back to times when going to work meant leaving home for several days. Food, clothing and tools were sharing space in a one compartment bag brought on every daytime adventure. The top opening made it possible to use the bags on any transportation. Bicycles, mopeds, tractors or just over the shoulder of the walking owner.

The Farmer’s Racer bag is a top opening, one compartment bag to carry things one need for the coming days. No assigned pockets or custom made slots inside. Only a sturdy leather interior that may carry firewood one day and a computer the next day.

The heritage of the Farmer’s Racer brand goes back to the family farmers life. On the picture here below you will see on the right the grandfather of Lars from his mothers side, Yngve, and the man on the left is his grandmothers husband on his fathers side, John. This picture was taken in 1969 on the family farm by the father of Lars. In the back of the picture you can see the family farm.

The sewing of every Farmer’s Racer bag is done by machines, the rest is all hand tools. Scissors, knifes, punches and bare hands. This slow craft is ensuring that matching parts is combined to make a bag. The leather details are all carefully cut with a knife. Templates and rulers are used as guides for all parts. Critical dimensions are made slightly oversized and adjusted to perfect fit only minutes before they are sewn together. No less than 83 holes and slots are hand cut on each Farmer’s Racer bag. Holes for fasteners, belts and straps.

Lars Gustavsson – founder and craftsman of Farmer’s Racer.

The Farmer’s Racers Bags

The Farmer’s Racer packbags are hand made from 18oz waxed cotton. A material which is known for it’s water resistance and superb durability. The bag is taylored from a single piece of canvas, supported by a sheat of 2mm full grain leather sewn into the bag. The leather details, sturdy lining and heavy waxed canvas adds up to a backpack crafted with the finest materials for wilderness, sidewalks and gravel roads. There are several different sizes are colours of the Farmer’s Racer bags.

All Farmer’s Racer bags are delivered with a 250cm leather belt, braided into the backside of the bag. The belt can easily be arranged in backpack mode or shoulder bag mode. Two Dot fasteners is making it possible to split the long belt to rearrange it.

Written by Wouter Munnichs
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