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The Experience Of Authentic Indigo-Dye Technique

In the film ‘Finding Oase’ designer Philip Huang traveled to Thailand to experience the authentic indigo-dye technique. The outcome is a more than 12-minutes long film which was made in collaboration with the cinematographer Sayombhu Mukdeeprom of ‘Call Me By Your Name’.

Philip Huang is a label that is founded by the two designers Philip Huang and Chomwan Weeraworit. They’re splitting their time between Bangkok and New York.

Finding Oase

The Sakon Nakhon Province In Thailand

For the film, they went to the Sakon Nakhon province in Thailand. In this area everyone works with handweaving and indigo, so men and women. This, because it’s their main income.

Weaving is done by hand on authentic handlooms. The dyeing process is also done by hand, with a bark tree, but also with indigo leaves. They use two different indigo plants, Indigofera Tinctoria, but also Indigofera Suffruticosa. They’re coming from the same indigo family plants.

Finding Oase

Finding Oase

A Local Folk Craft

In the village, the craftspeople didn’t wear the indigo clothes by themselves for a long time, as it was seen as old-fashioned. This because it was, and still is, a local folk craft. Nowadays, they wear it again, and with pride.

Finding Oase

Finding Oase

Watch Finding Oase

Watch the ‘Finding Oase’ film with beautiful shots of Thailand.

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