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Tracey Panek Visits Castle Dome’s Museum

In the new episode From the Levi’s Archives historian of the brand, Tracey Panek is visiting Castle Dome’s museum and Hull mine. After she got a phone call from Allen Armstrong of the Castle Dome Museum she went on a road trip to visit him to see his impressive pre-1900’s Levi’s discoveries. He found these jeans in the Hull mine as they were left by the previous miners back in the days.

tracey panek castle dome

tracey panek castle dome

The Castle Dome Mining District

Castle Dome Museum is a non-profit museum/ghost town dedicated to the preservation and restoration of Castle Dome City. This city sits on a location that changed little by time allowing people to visit a true time capsule of old west history. There are about 300 mines in the Castle Dome Mining district. The ore is in a fault zone and has been mined to the depth of 700 ft. The ore is in a highly mineralized zone, with about 30 minerals having been identified in the mines. Many of the artifacts in the museum have come from underground. including the 1889 Levi’s, miners clothing, powder boxes, drill steel, dynamite spoons, tamping rods, candle holders, notes, canned goods, tools, ore cars, ore buckets, and old bottles (bottles dating from 1874).

The Hull mine is 10 patented claims and they’re working on opening this as a part of the museum. This mine was last worked in 1990, they tied into the old workings of the Railroad mine. This mine is a solid hard rock mine, that goes down to the 750-foot vertical level. The Hull mine is part of the historic Rialto Group in the Castle Dome Mining District. The rich heritage of Arizona’s longest worked mining district once spread about 7 miles on the West side of the Castle Dome Mountains. Other mines in the area include Chief of Dome claim, Railroad Mine, The Diana Railroad claim, The Surprise claim, and The Pocahontas Mine claim.

tracey panek castle dome

tracey panek castle dome

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