The story behind the Ginew clothing brand

Ginew (Gih-noo) is an American-owned, premium Native style and workwear denim collection. The Ginew brand is started by couple Erik and Amanda Bodt, both from Wisconsin and live in Portland, Oregon. With their Ginew brand they make hand-built heirloom goods in the USA using old methods with a focus on American-made materials. Each item in the Ginew collection has a referation to their Native American and craftsmen heritage. Their family story is a contemporary narrative of Native American blacksmiths, farmers, machinists, sawyers, and welders. Each item they make with Ginew draws direct inspiration from their relatives.

Erik & Amanda Brodt – Ginew Clothing

The Ginew collection

The Ginew collection contains clothing, leather belts and accessories. The first series of Ginew belts were made from their wedding buffalo, which was hunted, prepared, tanned, and hand-dyed by them with their families. Ginew’s leather goods are made with pre-industrial methods, heirloom leather-working tools, and patterns handed down from generation to generation, since the 1880’s. Their leather belts are crafted using either Horween or Herman Oak leathers and finished with some of the finest brass buckles. The accessories items of Ginew contains a nice mix of bandana’s, leather wallets, keyfobs and bracelets and stuff.

The core of the Ginew brand is their apparel line. The items are heavily influenced by American workwear, motorcycle culture, and their tribal customs. Ginew incorporates family symbols and teachings into their garments, while constructing them of the finest American made materials. Selvedge denim, wax canvas, and Pendleton wool blanket fabric are some of the primary fabrics used. Below a few highlights of the Ginew collection.

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Mohican Work Crew Jacket

Selvedge Denim Vest

Wax Canvas Vest

Heritage Coat

Written by Wouter Munnichs
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