How Important Is Logistics And Global Service Today?

Nowadays a quick response is essential, consumers won’t wait too long for their online purchase for example. Orders placed today are wanted tomorrow, or even the same day. Consumers expect these levels of service from online suppliers and that is how many companies have built their businesses and reputaions.

The demand for such a repsonse can also be seen within the fashion and denim industry. Designers and product managers are working more efficiently with, and closer to their partners, in order to save time and money. Whilst having a comprehensive collection is essential, service is becoming increasingly important. All partners in the supply chain, are striving to improve efficiencies, but not all can achieve their goals. Many have new and innovative products, but don’t have a global infrastructure that focuses on providing the best possible service.

One of the leading global pocketing companies, Copen United Limited, regards providing an unbeatable service as highly as supplying their extensive range of pocketing qualities.

Copen United’s Global Reach

Copen United Limited has supplied different pocketing qualities to a wide range of (denim) customers for more than 75 years. Many of those customers have relocated production to different countries over the past decade, to take advantage of more competitive labour costs, more efficent facilities and free trade agreements.

Copen United, as a modern proactive supplier, are dedicated to delivering to a wide range of global customers with a service that provides quick response and an efficient flexible deliveries for bulk goods, regardless of where they are producing in the world. The benefits and savings to customers are not always fully recognised so we have highlighted a number of key points;

  • Currency/DutiesCopen currently operate sales offices and warehouse locations in multiple regions and this allows them to offer fast deliveries to the customer but more importantly they are able to take the responsibilty for the administration of importation, local import duties, transport, documentation etc . This enables the customer to have a price in the currency which will minimise any loss related to market flucations, inclusive of the total import cost/operations which many companies know can be time consuming and costly if this is not managed correctly.
  • Local Representation – This gives a level of confidence and comfort to have a representative avaiable should the customer have any issues/queries relating to product, service or price. Being able to communicate in a common language is always a benefit.
  • Regional Warehousing Copen has a successful track record of supporting brands/customers from a stock positon which enables a more efficent/flexible delivery service, reaction to plan changes and ultimately enables the brand/factory to improve speed to market for their product.
  • Quality/Continuity – Many customers will require the same fabric / article to be supplied to multiple locations, however, not all companies can garauntee the same continuity of quality, Copen prides itself on being able to coordinate and control the quality of its product from the production source to its warehousing/distribution locations so the garment doesnt have any varaiation during final inspection.
  • Innovations – Customers/brands are able to speak with local representatives for new innovations knowing that regardless of where the final production is placed, Copen will have a solution to supply.
  • Enviromental Impact – We see an increased focus on sustainbility and efforts to become more eco-friendly, we also know that transport is a contributing factor to the issue due to the global coverage required for production. Global service doesn’t totally erradicate this issue for Copen, however by having bulk goods in relevent locations it does mean that the amount of transport is considerably reduced rather than shipping multiple times for smaller quantities and ultimately reducing the impact on the enviroment.

Client Review About Copen

We asked Atin Goel, Purchasing Manager of S.Oliver Gmbh, about their partnership with Copen;

“As S.Oliver, we are focused on flexibility, quality and innovation to meet our high standards of service to our customer. S.Olivers drive towards sustainability has brought us closer to our key suppliers, Copen United. To enable our business to maintain and grow in a competitive market we also need our suppliers to match our vision on supply and sustainability. Copen United Limited is one such company that can offer the quality, innovations and service we require across our global manufacturing locations. Today we are working in multiple countries for our denim production and coordination of product is vital to ensure the flow within our factories, having a stock holding service available in multiple regions to service our business is critical and Copen match our expectations”.

Interview With Kevin Bardsley, Managing Director Copen Europe

Kevin Bardsley is working for Copen as a Managing Director Europe, and we sat down together for a Q&A about Copen and his thoughts about service, and so on today.

Kevin Bardsley

LJ: How important is logistic and global service nowadays in your opinion?

KB: Logistics and global service today is critical in many aspects of our industry. The biggest impact next to the actual material cost is transport, and in a price sensitive industry we understand that this can be the difference for many brands. In conjunction, we also see that if we can supply globally with the same quality, regional pricing and reduced lead time, then this is a serious factor for brands to consider when selecting a supplier.

LJ: What are the key benefits to work with a company as Copen as it comes to service?

KB: Copen can offer regional supply from warehousing in China, US, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Pakistan, Nicaragua, Haiti, Colombia, Tunisia, Bulgaria, and Spain whilst maintaining the same quality regardless of the region.

LJ: Can only big brands use your unique services, or is it also for smaller brands?

KB: One of the benefits of having local/regional supply for both small and large brands is that they are not required to place large volumes for shipments which ultimately benefits the vendors in terms of cash flow and MOQ issues.

LJ: How sustainable is Copen? And what is the company doing at this moment to be more nature friendly?

KB: Like many of our customers we are focused on the drive for sustainability and reducing the impact on the planet. Over the past 6 years we have invested in ensuring that Copen is the leading supplier of sustainable pocketing materials to the denim market and established our brand ‘ENCORE’ which is a range of recycled, organic, Aqua Free pocketings supported with GRS, OCS, and GOTS, BCI Certifications.

LJ: What do you consider the main strength of Copen and the global service?

KB: We consider our customer a partner, we listen to the problems and find solutions together, we share the pain and the success, but most importantly, we are a TEAM.

Written by Wouter Munnichs
I'm the founder of Long John. Next to running this daily magazine, I'm working as a freelance denim specialist for the industry. Titled as 'Denim Influencer 2020' by Rivet 50. Celebrated my 10th anniversary with Long John in 2021.