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How To Sell Jeans Course by Denimhunters & Long John

Together with Thomas Stege Bojer, founder of the Denimhunters Academy, I developed a brand new course on his e-learning platform. The course is titled ‘How to sell Jeans?’. The idea to use this topic as base for our course came from the fact that we noticed that a lot of retailers, store staff, but also people within the (denim) industry with other positions are in need to get some extra input, stimulans and tools to perform better. That’s why we decided to join forces to create a course on his unique Denimhunters Academy platform.

denimhunters longjohn

Thomas Stege Bojer, Denimhunters Academy.

denimhunters longjohn

Wouter Munnichs, Long John.

Denimhunters Academy

The core idea of the Denimhunters Academy is to educate people who work with denim and jeans. The Denimhunters Academy is a subscription-based online staff training platform. It’s sort of like Netflix for learning all the ins and outs about denim. The goal of the Denimhunters Academy is to provide more knowledge about denim and jeans to denim professionals. Learners can use this knowledge while working in stores, for marketing purposes, and even for designing. Basically, the platform teaches you everything you need to know to give the ‘right’ advice to your customers and to become a true expert in the denim industry.

About The Course

Running a (denim) store isn’t so easy anymore nowadays. It’s totally different than it used to be. The days when you could just sit back and wait for your customers to come to your store are over. You need to be proactive! And you need to be different than your neighbors. In fact it’s about being the talk of the town in order to be successful. And to survive.

The last couple of years a lot of new ways to present yourself as a store are available. But how to handle with all these new ways of communication. And how to reach your target audience for example? Let them know about your existence and get more visitors? How to set-up an unique store event? And very important, how to use (denim) knowledge in order to get better and more sales in your store. All these elements and much more is exactly what this course offers.

denimhunters longjohn

The entire ‘How to sell Jeans?’ course contains 6 different lessons with each a seperated topic. Topics that are easy to apply in practice. The topics of the lessons are;

  • Lesson #1: Why Product Knowledge Helps You Sell More.
  • Lesson #2: Proven Methods to Acquire Product Knowledge.
  • Lesson #3: Real-Life Examples of How to Use Product Knowledge to Sell More.
  • Lesson #4: How to Use Online Tools to Drive Customers to Your Store.
  • Lesson #5: Offline Tools That Attract More Customers to Your Store.
  • Lesson #6: Ways to Organise a Cool Store Event On a Tight Budget.

Watch the course teaser here below to get in the right mood.

For only € 89,- you get access to more than an hour of unique and easy to use in practice video content that you can’t get anywhere else! If you need access for more than one user, please send us an email to: for a customized quote.

The first lesson will be available free of charge, so join the waiting list now HERE to know first when it’s published.

Written by Wouter Munnichs
I'm the founder of Long John. Next to running this daily magazine, I'm working as a freelance denim specialist for the industry. Titled as 'Denim Influencer 2020' by Rivet 50. Celebrated my 10th anniversary with Long John in 2021.