How To Wash Your Jeans By Momotaro Jeans

The Japanese denim brand Momotaro shares several ways to keep your jeans fresh, and clean. Pre-washed factory jeans are already washed, but rigid pairs with no washing can be treated in different ways. Some of the denim heads prefer not to wash their jeans at all, or to wait at least for 6 months (or even longer). To extend the lifetime of your favorite pair it’s good to wash your jeans every now and than. It strength the fibers and get your jeans back in shape again. Learn all the washing options in the: How To Wash Your Jeans – The Ultimate Guide! 

Momotaro from Japan shares their washing instructions on how to take care of your pair of jeans.

Step 1: Fasten all the buttons and fasteners. Flip the jeans inside out, and put your jeans in the washing machine.

Step 2: Put the jeans in the machine, and choose a regular 30 degrees washing program. Use a detergent (liquid) that does not contain bleach or fluorescent.

Step 3: After the washing program is completed, remove the wrinkles lightly. Pull your jeans vertically, and horizontally before drying to prevent shape loss.

Step 4: Leave it inside out, and let it dry naturally. They recommend shade drying to prevent discoloration due to direct sunlight.

Tip! Explore the full washing guide here;

Written by Wouter Munnichs
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