Indigo Invitational

The World’s Largest Fading Competition

Today, the 3rd edition of the Indigo Invitational has kicked-off! Indigo Invitational is the world’s largest and most-inclusive fading competition. In the two previous editions denim heads from all the world showed their most dedication for denim, and the outcome was mind blowing.

indigo invitational

The Rules To Join The Indigo Invitational

To join the Indigo Invitational is quite easy, all you need is a fresh pair of unworn raw denim, all brands, weights, and colours are welcome. After 365 days of fading, a panel of denim experts will pick the winners.

There’re a three rules that you need to know about the Indigo Invitational contest;

• Rule 1: Denim must be raw.
• Rule 2: Fades must be natural.
• Rule 3; Support each other.

Indigo Invitational

How To Join?

To enter the competition, you need to complete all of the required fields on the Indigo Invitational registration page here. You’ll receive an email confirming your registration. Registration will be open until April 10th.

All Jeans Need To Be Raw Proof

All competitors must provide raw proof (photographic evidence that allows the organisation confirm that your jeans are brand new on the first day of the competition). Raw proof can take one of two forms:

1. Pictures of your jeans folded with the tags still on them (preferred).
2. If the tags have been removed, submit close-up pictures of key fade areas (crotch, seat, backs of knees, and hems). Jeans that show any signs of wear will not be eligible.

On or around the first of every month, all competitors must submit two photographs (front and back). They prefer fit pics, but lay flats are also fine. Try to be consistent from month to month.

indigo invitational

indigo invitational

How They Will Judge

Judging will be conducted in three stages:

1. After 365 days of fading, the founders will pick the top 50.
2. The top 50 will be posted on the website and registered competitors will be encouraged to vote for their favorites.
• The top 16 will automatically go on to the next round.
• The founders will select 4 deserving wildcard pairs.
3. The 20 finalists will be reviewed by a panel of judges (denim industry insiders, bloggers, and influencers). The judges will deliberate and pick our Top 10.

Indigo Invitational

indigo invitational

What Can You Win?

As always, there’re many prices to win, from pairs of jeans, jackets, leather products, gift cards and so on. Check out the full list of the prices here.

Good luck to everyone who’s joining the third edition of the Indigo Invitational!

indigo invitational

Pictures included in the article are from last year’s Top 10 winners.

Written by Wouter Munnichs
I'm the founder of Long John. Next to running this daily magazine, I'm working as a freelance denim specialist for the industry. Titled as 'Denim Influencer 2020' by Rivet 50. Celebrated my 10th anniversary with Long John in 2021.