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Indigo Textile’s New Denim Innovations

Established in 2006, Indigo Textile stands out as a key player in denim weaving, dedicated to producing premium fabric for over 17 years. As a leading sustainable denim weaver in Pakistan, equipped with state-of-the-art machines. The company features a workforce of over 1800 individuals and achieves a monthly output of 3.4 million meters of denim.

These authentic creations of the Indigo Textile seamlessly merge fashion with sustainability, resulting in the crafting of classical denim pieces. They take pride in leading the charge towards a sustainable world. Embracing modest denim styles, meticulously crafted by skilled and competitive creators, showcasing commitment to authenticity, and environmental responsibility.

Recently, Indigo Textile developed its new collection. This new denim fabric collection will be shown at several trade shows, but here’s already a sneak with 6 key fabrics. All are made with unique characteristics to design outstanding men’s and women’s designs.

The 6 Key Denim Fabric Developments

Indigo Textile’s key denim fabric developments from the recent collection are;

  • Fabric 1: Zelda

Zelda is a 11.25oz fabric by Indigo Textile, featuring a reactive dye in their signature work wear blue shade. It is woven in a 3 x 1 right-hand pattern, giving it a clean and polished appearance. Specifically designed for men’s styles, this fabric offers a comfortable stretch. The composition includes 20% PCW (Post Consumer Waste), 79% cotton, and 1% elastane. It falls under the Vibrant Essence category of the denim mill.

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  • Fabric 2: Koflao

Koflao, part of the Flexi Ease collection, is a 10oz denim fabric renowned for its high stretch. Crafted using Platinum dyeing technology, it not only conserves up to 40% water but also boasts an improved LSF score. Specifically tailored for the women’s assortment, Koflao incorporates a composition of 5% PCW (Post Consumer Waste), 79% cotton, 14% recycled poly, and 2% elastane.

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  • Fabric 3: Gosset

Gosset, a 10.25oz denim fabric renowned for its authentic appearance and rigid texture, is produced using Platinum dyeing technology. This innovative process not only achieves an appealing aesthetic but also contributes to water conservation, with savings of up to 40%. Categorized under Heritage Reborn, Gosset is specially designed for men’s styles. Comprising 5% PCW (Post Consumer Waste) and 95% cotton, it is available in the distinct O Slate Blue Platinum shade.

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  • Fabric 4: Benedict

Benedict, a 10.25oz rigid denim fabric, boasts an authentic appearance with a shrink-to-fit finish, accentuated by the use of Platinum dyeing technology. This innovative method not only achieves a genuine look but also promotes water conservation, with savings of up to 40% and an improved LSF score. As a member of the Heritage Reborn collection, Benedict is primarily tailored for designing women’s styles. Its composition comprises 5% PCW (Post Consumer Waste) and 95% cotton.

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  • Fabric 5: Antent

The Antent denim fabric, weighing 9.75oz and available in a Blue Grey shade, showcases an authentic slubby appearance, characteristic of lightweight rigid denim. The fabric’s weft is dyed and is featured in the Heritage Reborn collection. Comprising 5% PCW (Post Consumer Waste) and 95% cotton, Antent offers a blend of sustainability and genuine denim aesthetics.

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  • Fabric 6: Fragma

Fragma, a 12oz denim fabric, is crafted through reactive dyeing and is available in Indigo Textile’s work wear blue shade, presenting a polished finish. This fabric offers comfort stretch and is composed of 20% PCW (Post Consumer Waste) and 80% cotton. Categorized under Vibrant Essence, Fragma is specifically designed for inclusion in the women’s assortment, combining style and comfort.

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All the pictures are provided by Indigo Textile.

Environmental Stewardship and Corporate Responsibility

In today’s world, prioritizing environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility is crucial. Indigo Textile, an emerging leader in sustainable practices, is renowned for its commitment to eco-conscious initiatives. Their advanced Effluent Treatment Plant and solar-powered manufacturing showcase efforts to reduce environmental impact. Aligned with Corporate Social Responsibility, recent initiatives focus on empowering female cotton workers through targeted training. Indigo Textile’s holistic commitment to responsible production signifies a dedication to a greener and socially equitable future.

More about the company can be read in upcoming articles, soon on Long John! In the meantime, check out more about Indigo Textile on their website here: and follow them via their social media channels by simply scanning the QR-code:

indigo textiles

Written by Wouter Munnichs
I'm the founder of Long John. Next to running this daily magazine, I'm working as a freelance denim specialist for the industry. Titled as 'Denim Influencer 2020' by Rivet 50. Celebrated my 10th anniversary with Long John in 2021.