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A Sneak Of Avant Magazine Volume 4

A new edition of Avant magazine is around the corner. The publisher, Eric Maggiori worked hard to create a new issue loaded with inspiration for everyone interested in the history of clothing and history in general.

The first editions of Avant were so popular that they’re already reprinted a few times, and a new must-have issue is coming very soon! Time to talk with Eric about what we can expect of the new issue, and if he already can give a sneak of the content. Enjoy the interview.

LJ: How is it going with Avant magazine? I know the first copies were reprinted and were sold-out very fast again.

EM: Yeah, all is going very well to be honest. The first editions of Avant are all sold out quite fast, and the first numbers are already reprinted a few times in the meantime, so I’m pleased with the success of Avant.

LJ: When is the new Avant magazine coming out, and what will be the theme of this issue?

EM: The design of the magazine is finished, but the printer is waiting at the moment for the paper as there’s a huge shortness on wood, thus paper, due Covid. So, hopefully the paper will be delivered by the end of this month, January, so the printer can start. I hope we can send out the magazine’s to all my retail partners first half or 3rd week of February. After that, everyone can order the new magazine via the AvantMag.com.

avant magazine

avant magazine

LJ: So, the new issue will be Anthology of American Workwear part 2, what makes it different to part 1?

EM: There’re so many stories and vintage pieces to share about this popular topic, so a follow-up on the first ever made Avant magazine feels like a natural step. The fact that most of my personal archive pieces, and also knowledge, is also about this topic makes it even stronger. Also during these Covid times it’s not that easy to travel all over the world, so this topic I could manage myself from Paris, France. The outcome of Volume 2 is a follow-up with new stories, vintage pieces, collectors, interviews and all focussed on American Workwear.

Another key detail of this new issue is that I made it a bit more personal, as I first wrote as a journalist, because that’s my work, but now I sort of ‘weave’ my personal voice in the magazine as well. This makes the magazine more personal, and thus more stronger I think.

LJ: What can we expect as content of the new issue?

EM: The new issue is better than ever, the magazine has grown in the lay-outs and the overall design of the magazine. I have spend a lot of time finding the right images for each article this time, and I must say that it was not always easy, but I succeed with that which makes me very proud with the end result.

As always the magazine shows the same topics as you can expect from Avant, interesting and inspiring stories, a look inside some of the finest collectors collections, vintage treasures and references.

avant magazine

avant magazine

LJ: Will it feature again some vintage collectors, and can you highlight them already?

EM: This edition I talked to Keith Lo Bue, an Australian collector that runs also the Facebook group Vintage Workwear. I also spoke with Christophe Armand, a French collector from the South of France, he owns a lot of vintage denim garments. Also, Michael Allen Harris from the book ‘Jeans of the Old West’ is included. I spoke with Tommy Dorr, a vintage dealer from LA, known as ‘Mothfood’, Ricci Lau (Denim Seeker on IG) from Hong Kong is included as he’s doing a lot of research about the Underhill brand, which I love too. Alberto Ulmi from Italy shows some rare pieces. And, many more others will be featured too.

And to give you another sneak, British designer Nigel Cabourn wrote the first introduction page of this issue after he visited me a few times now to see my collection in real life.

LJ: Is there one specific article that stand out the most in your opinion? If so, which one is it, and why?

EM: One article which I personally like is the one that goes about the Chinese immigration during the Gold Rush period in America. This story is not so known, but there were a lot of Chinese immigrants which participated in the building of the West, as they worked in the mines, factories, railroad, and so on. A very interesting story about these hard workers.

avant magazine

avant magazine

avant magazine

LJ: There are always some items from your personal archive included too, is this also the case in the new edition? And can you highlight one or two of them already?

EM: In this issue I show some 7 to 8 pieces that didn’t make the first editions so far, and I will highlight them now for the first time. One of these items is about a Stifel jacket from the brand Klemm. It’s a very interesting and inspiring story how I got my hands on this very rare piece.

Another one is a pair of Hercules pants which was found in an abandoned house by my denim hunter friends in Colorado.

avant magazine

LJ: Do you also buy stuff specially for Avant so you can share the story behind it and so on?

EM: Sometimes I do actually. For this edition for example I wrote about the ‘chinstrap’, so I wanted to have a piece myself to make good pictures of this cool detail instead of using a random picture from internet.

LJ: There’s so much history to share about the new topic, so I can imagine that there’s a 3rd edition about this coming in the future too. Is that something you already have in mind?

EM: I’m having a lot of different topics already in mind, but as I’m most of the magazine, and especially the writing alone, it takes a while to complete an issue with almost 200 pages. And, I write everything first in French, which will be translated by a friend, than the lay-out has to be made. Than I sometimes need to change the lay-out a bit after receiving the translation, so it takes a lot of time each issue to complete.

avant magazine

avant magazine

LJ: What can we expect in 2022 more next to this new issue of Avant? Is there something special planned for example?

EM: I’m working already for some time on a edition focussed on the Stifel company. Another one that is in my head is about Western Wear, but also a second edition of military is in my head. But, also an edition about French military is also something I’d really like to work on. There’re so many options, also leather or vintage sneakers could be an option too as long as there’re stories and history to share. So, enough ideas, but first let’s get this new edition from the printer!

LJ: Where can people get their hands on the new Avant magazine?

EM: The new edition will be available from the 2nd or 3rd week of February at my retail partners, and than you can order the magazine online at Avant’s site by the end of February.

avant magazine

avant magazine


Written by Wouter Munnichs
I'm the founder of Long John. Next to running this daily magazine, I'm working as a freelance denim specialist for the industry. Titled as 'Denim Influencer 2020' by Rivet 50. Celebrated my 10th anniversary with Long John in 2021.