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Interview With Piero Turk About His New Project

Piero Turk is a living denim legend. He’s already in the denim game since 1983, so he knows how it works after working on so many successful projects during his more than 30 years carreer in the business. Nowadays his work is about giving ideas and inspiration to jeans and denim companies around the world. Read more about Piero Turk in previous article Meet the Person here.

Recently he launched his latest project: @blue_is_simple_and_strong on Instagram. I spoke with Piero about this new project which turned-out in an intesting interview which you can read here below. Thanks for the great chat Piero!

piero turk

Piero Turk. Pic by Brian Engblad.


LJ: Who are you and what are you doing nowadays in the denim industry?

PT: As I did almost all my professional life, I help companies in the denim industry to develop their collections and their identity, they can be brands or denim mills or laundries. I give them directions and ideas. To do this I constantly need to find inspirations and put them together to create stories.

LJ: Last year you started your new project on Instagram: @blue_is_simple_and_strong. What’s the core idea behind this new project?

PT: I love and hate Instagram at the same time. On Instagram you can find high levels of images and creativity and very ugly and useless feeds in the same time. But I’m fascinated by it’s democratic approach. It’s one of the funniest and most interesting media so far.

So I thought to use it to show and share my way of working, my point of view. Having in mind that maybe in the future @blue_is_simple_and_strong can become a new area of business for me and my team. If we can be able to create something really interesting and useful for the denim industry.

I decided to put together a young, active, enthusiastic, and creative team. I work on the project with my irreplaceable and unique assistant Serena Conti, my daughter Maddalena Turk, that has a background in philosophy and now is studying new media marketing, Chiara Granello, fine art and cartoon artist, and Emilia Tomatis psychology student and photographer.

piero turk

piero turk

piero turk

LJ: Is this idea something that connects with your consultancy projects for your clients?

PT: Everything you can see on our Instagram is the base for my consultancy projects. Then of course for any of my clients I develop specific and exclusive concepts, but the starting point is the same, hunting and finding ideas. They can be just a still life image, a color or anything else that can inspire us.

LJ: Why have you chosen to launch the project on Instagram?

PT: As I said before, Instagram is democratic, accessible by anybody in the world.

LJ: What’s the main inspiration focus that you’re sharing through this new channel?

PT: So far just finding it as a good and funny exercise with the will to become a serious thing.

piero turk

piero turk

LJ: And do you make all the pictures by yourself? Or are most of them re-posts of inspiring brands and people?

PT: We use as much as possible original images made by us and we combine them with inspiring ones we find around the web.

LJ: So the feed is an inspiration source for a lot of people. Why is it so important for you to do it this way?

PT: I like to inspire people and I like to do it showing my way. Creating and editing our layouts we do an original work that has our signature. It’s not just a bunch of single images. There is a lot of work behind that. Generally I think we have a lot of informations but never enough inspirations.

piero turk

piero turk

LJ: Are there any plans to expand the project in the near future like your previous published books for example?

PT: I’m still thinking about the evolution of it. It can be a website and a book as well, but I don’t have a totally clear idea yet.

LJ: What is your denim goal for 2019?

PT: Helping the denim industry to be less obvious as it is sometimes today and pushing people to overcome mental boundaries…Does it sound too much?

piero turk

piero turk

Follow Piero Turk’s project: @blue_is_simple_but_strong.

Written by Wouter Munnichs
I'm the founder of Long John. Next to running this daily magazine, I'm working as a freelance denim specialist for the industry. Titled as 'Denim Influencer 2020' by Rivet 50. Celebrated my 10th anniversary with Long John in 2021.