The journey of Du Nord Projects

Du Nord Projects is a new player in the market which is started by Jeroen de Wal. Jeroen is a heavily experienced guy from The Netherlands who worked for many years in the more formal clothing industry. With his brand he combines all those experiences as the base of his brand Du Nord Projects. During the years he got influenced with denim by the legendary Marithé & Francois Girbaud, which took him more into the wonderful indigo world.

After a lot of travelling to places as Japan, were he visited denim mills as Kurabo and Collect (also owners of denim brands Momotaro and Japan Blue), his idea of starting his own brand was getting more real. The core of his Du Nord Projects brand contain elements from indigo, denim and other fascinating stuff which he came along during many of his trips. In the year 2012 he moved to China for a couple of years where he met the guys from Tuckshop Sundry Supplies (a.k.a. Obbi Good Label) in Singpapore. During that time he got a close friendship with them and they introduced him to the premium denim brand Red Cloud Overall Mfg. Finally they decided to visit the guys from Red Cloud Overall Mfg in the North of China. This ended up that he started working for them for the upcoming years as a salesperson to open new retailpoints in Sweden and Russia.

In 2013 he dediced to come back to The Netherlands and finally started his own dream. This was the start of Du Nord Projects.

Jeroen de Wal wearing Du Nord Projects, the Zachary denim pants.

Le Jean Du Nord

The first kick-off product of Du Nord Projects is the Zachary denim pants. The Zachary denim pants is entirely made in Europe, partially by hand and partially on vintage machinery. Each pair contain the following elements;

  • 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane denim fabric, woven in Italy by Berto Industria Tessile;
  • 100% Cotton chambray fabric, woven in Italy by Cervo Tessile;
  • Natural corozo Buttons, manufactured by Butonia Group;
  • Single pleats starting from waistband;
  • Suspender buttons inside the waistband;
  • 6 hours of manual labor to create one pair of trousers.

The production of Du Nord Projects has been done in Spain, in a small workshop where crafty jeansmakers have developed the pattern and the pants. There are 6 hours of work needed to create 1 pair. Specific details include the chambray lining in the waistband, the suspender-buttons on the inside of the waistband and the single pleats. The fit is a tapered slim fit and runs in a sizing of 46 to 52.

Why Du Nord Projects

Founder Jeroen de Wal believes in overcoming obstacles, no matter how big or small. Ever since he was a young boy, life confronted him with challenges. Sometimes pleasant, sometimes troublesome, but always life-changing. He believes that every single decision we make from the heart, is the right one. It might not always seem like the easiest choice at the time, but when we look beyond that point often we see the bigger picture. His mission with Du Nord Projects is to achieve more in life, conquering obstacles one step at a time.

Du Nord Projects is born from his mission to overcome those challenges and find his way to the top of the mountain. It symbolizes the power of inner strength, to rise up from negativity and carry a positive attitude towards your own future. To overcome all your obstacles, no matter how big or small. He believes that pride and strength will always conquer anything in life, and that you will always find your way to the top of the mountain. His main drive for this project is his son, who still lives in China. Du Nord Projects is a kind of homage to him.

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Written by Wouter Munnichs
I'm the founder of Long John. Next to running this daily magazine, I'm working as a freelance denim specialist for the industry. Titled as 'Denim Influencer 2020' by Rivet 50. Celebrated my 10th anniversary with Long John in 2021.