Lee 101 Riders Navy Rodeo Bandana

Lee Jeans developed with their premium Lee 101 denim collection a Riders Rodeo bandana. The bandana is recreated by an archival version which is inspired by Casey Tibbs. Casey Tibbs was a world champion Rodeo rider. In 1979, he was inducted into the Rodeo Hall of Fame. He held the ‘World All-Around Cowboy Champion’ title twice, in 1951 and 1955. After his successful rodeo career, Tibbs became a stunt man, stunt coordinator, technical director, and actor for the film industry.

Lee 101 bandana has an all-over design print with rodeo graphics as Bronc Riding, Bull Riding, Calf Roping, and Steer Wrestling. These typical rodeo graphics links to the American rodeo lifestyle culture. A culture that was also important during the 1940s and 1950s for the denim industry.

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The History Of The Bandana

The bandana can be worn around the head, neck or in the back pocket of a pair of jeans. It can be worn in many different ways, and they all look cool. This history of this square cloth is as old as weaving itself. You can find images that date back more than 400 years ago.

It’s not completely sure where the name originally comes from, but its widely accepted that the word bandana comes from the Hindi ‘bāṅdhnū’and in Urdu ‘bāndhnū’. It means a tied, bound cloth. By the 18th century, the word had been anglicized to bandanas.


Written by Wouter Munnichs
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