A couple of weeks ago I posted my vintage Levi’s ‘Big E’ Trucker Jacket from the ’60’s. It is a great item with handpainted colored buttons. This inspired Dre Tolson from California (U.S.A.) to do the same with his vintage Levi’s ‘Big E’ Trucker jacket. He found this vintage jacket from 1969 on a local flea market and cut off the sleeves as they hadn’t any cuffs anymore. I think the result is really nice, it’s a personal touch at this classic jacket. Check out the process from Drew below. Thanks for sharing and it’s great to hear that my old jacket inspired you.

Check also the great blog from Drew, DIY Vat!


This is how Drew bought the jacket on a flea market;

The cuffs were cut off by the pre-owner;

Drew cutted off the entire sleeves;

Making the paint tool;

Put it on the buttons;

Preparing yellow paint for the buttons;

The final result!www.diyvat.com

Check my post where Drew got the inspiration from;


Written by Wouter Munnichs
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