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Meet Özge Özsoy (Marketing Chief Bossa)

Özge Özsoy is working as a Marketing Chief at Bossa. With 67 years in the denim business, Bossa has grown into one of the largest textile corporations of Turkey. Based in Adana they produce high quality and innovative denim fabrics. They offer a wide range of fabrics with a high production capacity in dyeing and finishing. Sustainability, clean production processes, reduce wastage of water and energy, not polluting, recycle, reuse, are all the concepts that take place in their DNA.

ozge ozsoy

Özge Özsoy.

Sustainability In Denim

Nowadays brands are more and more aware to be more sustainable. They’re using less chemicals, less water and trying to polute less the environment in general. There’re more seminars and workshops than ever about this topic to educate yourself with the latest new environment friendly technologies.

Save The Future

Even consumers are more interested and aware about the sustainable topic. In fact it’s quite easy to be part of it by saving water and buying less. You can save water by washing your garments not every day, but only when they’re really dirty. And it starts of course by buying less products, but quality made products that last long.

ozge ozsoy

ozge ozsoy

Talk With Özge

During the last edition of the Bluezone show in Munich, I sat down together with Thomas Stege Bojer from Denimhunters to talk with Özge about sustainability in denim. She has gained huge knowledge over the years about this topic. In the video she will give plenty of examples of how you can be part of this movement too.

bossa ozge ozsoy

Enjoy watching the story of Özge Özsoy from Bossa.

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Written by Wouter Munnichs
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