Today the 8th episode of the topic Meet the CollectorMeet the Collector is about passionate people with a focus on collecting. With this topic I will give you an insight in their special collection. Collectors will tell their story behind their treasures, show their most rare and unique items and tell you all about the collecting thrill. I’m very proud to show you the 8th collector: Dave Edwards in the topic: Meet the CollectorDave has a very unique denim style. His outfits are always very inspiring and outstanding. Next to that he’s a true craftsman with customizing his own clothing. Thanks for sharing your story Dave! Enjoy.


Dave Edwards

  • Name: Dave Edwards (Mister Ed)
  • Living in village & country: Barendrecht – The Netherlands
  • Age: 47
  • Instagram ID: @mred1970
  • Number of Instagram followers: around 3k
  • Daily work: Denim designer at Petrol Industries

What are your favorite brands:

Real vintage stuff, Warehouse (Heller’s Cafe), Levi’s Vintage Clothing, RRL, Kapital, Nigel Cabourn, Rising Sun and Freewheelers.

What’s your favorite denim brand:

Levi’s Vintage Clothing. My favorite item is this LVC shirt with the Mister Ed customizing. Its still one of my favorites, it used to be an one of a kind customized by me, until the D-Squared copied it!

Dave Edwards wearing his original customized shirt vs the copied. 

What’s your favorite footwear brand:

Red Wing, Alden, Grenson, Thorogood and Vans.

How long are you collecting:

When I bought my first pair of raw selvage jeans back in 1996. This jeans was from the special workwear collection done by Olivier Grasset. The label was named: Beckaro (Chipie Jeans). After that Levi’s launched their LVC line. That was it for me!!

Old Levi’s Vintage Clothing items.

How many items are there in your collection:

My collection is not that big. Around 100 pair of jeans and 60 or 70 jackets. I haven’t counted.

Some jeans and pants from the private collection of Dave Edwards.

How or why did you became a collector:

I don’t see myself as an collector! The main reason why I like my clothing is that I like the stories behind the products I wear. The ideas behind the design fascinates me. And because the workwear items are so durable, your collection grows by itself.

What’s the best thrill about collecting?

The hunting part is actually better than buying an item. Buying makes an end to your desires.

What is your favorite item en why:

At the moment I am very into my 19th century Japanese Noragi kimono.

Vintage Japanese Noragi kimono.

What’s your best bargain in your collection:

I have a special Levi’s 501 Jeans which is specially made for the Olympic gold medalists in 1984. The jeans has golden buttons. It was a gift.

Special Levi’s Jeans Gold Medal Winners jeans from 1984.

Which item was the hardest to get and/or the most valuable one: 

The Settler jean by Rising Sun. But thanks to Uwe Maier from Amtraq Distribution I got my hands on a pair. Its pretty rare.

The Settler jean by Rising Sun.

Which item would you add to your collection (wishlist):

I had the privilege to hang-out a couple of times with the very talented Ben Viapiana. Ben makes custom made jeans with his brand Viapiana. There are no denim secrets for mister Ben! So one of these jeans are on the top of my list!

Custom made jeans by Ben Viapiana.

Where do you get your daily inspiration from?

I get the most inspiration from the Japanese denim community in general. Their combination and eye for detail and their historical knowledge of the denim and workwear industry is just phenomenal.

Vintage pieces from the private collection of Dave Edwards.

What’s your favorite inspiration quote: when you buy something ask yourself;

‘This item, does it top your collection?!’

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Written by Wouter Munnichs
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