MEET THE PERSON #11: Piero Turk (Denim Designer)

Today the 11th episode of the topic Meet the Person with Piero Turk. This topic Meet the Person is about passionate people, people in the denim industry with a clear focus, mind-set and initiatives. In Meet the Person I will give you an insight into their life; who are they, what are they doing, what makes them so special, where are they working on, etc. etc.

This episode of Meet the Person is with Piero Turk, Denim Designer. Next to his work as a denim designer he’s a huge inspirator for everyone in the denim industry. He’s a true living denim legend! Thanks for sharing your great story Piero!


Piero Turk

Piero Turk at Blueprint event in Amsterdam.

  • Name: Piero Turk.
  • Living in village & country: Treviso – Italy.
  • Age: 60 years.
  • Instagram ID: @pieroturk.
  • Number of Instagram followers: 1.700 followers.
  • Website:
  • Daily work: Giving ideas and inspiration to jeans and denim companies around the world.

Can you introduce yourself:

I’m a jeans and denim designer. Working already for more than 30 years in the denim industry.

The video below shows the story and world from Piero Turk. The video was made by Carlsberg last year.

How did you entered the denim industry:

I started in 1983 working with Adriano Goldschmied. I met him in 1968, my mother and him opened one of the first jeans stores in Italy.

What are you doing at the moment:

…too many things…

Where are you the most proud of so far as it comes to your work:

Generally I’m proud of being able to translate general trends to original and unique ideas for each of my clients. It’s a skill that I developed during the years of my work and I can tell you it’s not easy. Each client has a different identity and a different strategy. And everyone speaks their own language. I have to be a polyglot of fashion languages.

As a specific thing I remember goes back to the year 2000, I had the idea together with Legler denim mill to do indigo paste coating on denim. This idea opened a new world of developments in the denim textile world.

What’s the biggest denim trend(s) right now in your opnion:

There are so many trends nowadays, some have a short life, some will last much longer. The one I like the most is the trend about unisex jeans. It’s important for it’s cultural implications.

And what would be the next denim trend:

I really don’t know. As for the past there were so many trends…

Piero Turk tells about his latest book ‘Number Two – A Life with Denim’ during Blueprint event (part of the Amsterdam Denim Days in 2017).

What’s your favorite denim brand(s):

Difficult question…I think Levi’s for what they have done in the past and what they’re doing now to evolve and be modern.

Where is your inspiration coming from:

From informations I can find every day in the denim industry. This could be from photography, from costume history, from vintage garments, from street style and so on and on.

Piero Turk tells his story about his inspiration during the Denim Boulevard event in 2014.

What’s your favorite denim item in your closet en why:

I don’t have any really. I can say almost always the last one I buy is my favorite item.

What’s your favorite denim fit:

For myself, slim straight.

What’s your favorite denim city:

Los Angeles.

Who’s your favorite denim designer:

Jean Touitou of APC for his integrity and Jason Denham for his modernity.

What do you think it’s the best invention in the denim industry:

There were and they are many to mention, but if I have to name one then it’s stonewash.

Who’s your denim hero & why:

Pierre Morisset (former head designer of G-Star Raw). It’s a nice person and during his career he was able to be a guiding light for many designers and for the denim industry.

What’s your favorite denim store:

I don’t have any specific favorite store.

What are your ultimate denim accessories:

I don’t have any actually…

What’s your favorite inspiration quote:

One is mine: ”Blue is the color of workers.” I like that it’s just simple, but strong.

Another one is from Anton Chekhov: ”Any idiot can face a crisis. It is the day to day living that wears you out.”

piero turk longjohn

Piero Turk in the book ‘Denim Dudes’ by Amy Leverton.

Who do you love to see in the next Meet the Person:

Jean Touitou.

Denim books made by Piero Turk:

Piero Turk made several inspiration denim books. The last issues were called Details. In his denim books Details you can expect close-up shots from worn-out jeans and workwear garments. Next to the denim shots you can also see inspiring pictures from his denim travels from all over the world. With a sharp eye for detail Piero Turk shows us his view on the denim industry and denim world.

The first issue: Details – A Life with Denim.

piero turk longjohn

piero turk longjohn

piero turk longjohn

The second issue: Number Two – A Life with Denim.

piero turk longjohn

The first issue: Details - A Life with Denim.

piero turk longjohn

piero turk longjohn

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Written by Wouter Munnichs
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