Meet The Person #27: Marta Cellini (Designer & Fashion Consultant)

Today episode #27 of the topic Meet the Person with Marta Cellini. This topic Meet the Person is about passionate people, people in the denim industry. In Meet the Person I will give you an insight into their life; who are they, what are they doing, what makes them so special, where are they working on, etc. etc.

This new episode of Meet the Person is with denim designer, fashion consultant, fashion technician, and fashion designer Marta Cellini. Thanks for sharing your great denim story Marta!


Marta Cellini

Marta Cellini

  • Name: Marta Cellini.
  • Living in village & country: Civitanova Marche (MC), Italy.
  • Age: 41 years.
  • Instagram ID: @denim.designer.
  • Number of Instagram followers: 464 followers.
  • Website:
  • Daily work: Denim designer, fashion consultant, fashion technician, and fashion designer.

Can you introduce yourself (who are you and what are you doing):

I’m a woman with a young spirit. Always ready and sensible to the new social aspects. I studied and I was prepared from a young age in the fashion industry, attending Italian fashion schools. I grew up with the teaching of Made in Italy. I know how to sew by hand, and with industrial machines, I know how to draw by hand and with graphics programs like Illustrator and Photoshop. I know how to create and alter a fashion pattern. I learned all that a fashion stylist needs to know, and what I didn’t know, I studied it. I am a tenacious and stubborn woman, and if I set myself a goal, I reach it. I was born in a poor family and with many children, and God only knows how much I worked and studied to reach my professional goals alone!

Now, after many years, I can define myself as a denim designer, realizing what I wanted to become when I was a child.

Marta Cellini

How did you entered the denim industry:

Once graduated as Fashion Designer, and after having carried out my internship, I ended up, in the north of Italy, in Treviso, to the office of Piero Turk. Everybody knows him, he’s the denim magician. He was for me like a father and a mentor, and not only from the professional point of view, but also from the human one. I love him very much! With him I learned many things about the denim’s history; how to recognize textiles, how to develop washes. With him I often travelled from Paris to Tokyo. In that style office, I learned how to develop my creative skills and specialized in the study of pocket embroidery. I learned how to give an identity to a brand. Moods and trends’s pursuit are my specialty!

What are you doing at the moment:

Right now I’m launching my new brand, Indigo-Sweet, and at the moment there is only one product called Eco-Flexy jeans. The idea of launching this new brand on the market, did not only come from wanting to complete myself as a stylist, but also to send a message and a philosophy lifestyle. Being conmfortable with the environment, it’s not just my need or yours, but it’s for all! This is why Eco-Flexy is born, because it is a jeans that respects nature and our body. Thanks to its flexibility allows us to practice sports or works in perfect harmony, without inconvenience. In addition, the innovative laser tatoo makes it unique in style. The Mandala and the Asanoha engraved on it, have an ancient meaning, and wear it brings vigour, and luck.


Marta Cellini



Please check more details about my brand here:

Where are you the most proud of so far as it comes to your work:

In my work I have an unique quality that allows me to listen and understand the needs from who I have in front of me. That’s why I was able to create for my customers always the right thing with a unique design, and it always been a success! I certainly have representative graphic qualities, which are part of my DNA. I’m a simple woman and people loves me. I’m proud when people recognize my work, and they thanks me.

What’s the biggest denim trend(s) right now in your opnion:

Certainly Eco-Sustainability, now is more than obvious, and I have been doing this for years.

And what would be the next denim trend:

This trend will be continue, and it will be evolving in various facets, with new experimentations. My hope is that we can assist a reversal of the amount of quantity production. I believe that the new generation is increasingly aware of how much pollute there is product by jeans production. So it will aim more and more to buy a good and long lasting product, with a design that doesn’t come out of fashion, but that represents a style.

What’s your favorite denim brand(s):

I appreciate Kapital for many years, a Japanese brand that still use denim’s dyeing with the natural indigo. The clothing line is made by a crew of people and their style is continuous over time, but every year the collection has innovative shapes and details. It never gets boring, it loves nature and in its garments we find the tradition of the Japanese culture.

Where is your inspiration coming from:

I love being among young people, I often work with public or private schools, they give me so much encouragement to inspire me. The society influence me, walking on streets, take part to events, listen new music and TV series influence me…All this stimulates me. So, during the sunset, when I practice sport, or when I go running out on the pier that crosses the sea, I drain everything that I have inside. In that moment, I clearly see what I have to do!

What’s your favorite denim item in your closet en why:

I have an old Levi’s 881 Orange Tab in the closet and sometimes I like to wear it. It has a foldable funny hem which I modified and embroidered an inscription on it “I LOVE YOU”. I like this idea: wear garments which promote a positive message to everyone.

Marta Cellini

What’s your favorite denim fit:

Surely the skinny one; I love to dress with tight-fitting clothes; makes a woman very sexy and sensual.

What’s your favorite denim city:

Kojima, maybe it was a little bit obvious, but I love the passion that the Japanese have had in wanting to recover the American tradition of denim. Even Amsterdam, with the more and more dedicated initiatives, increasing denim stores, the new school…; I define it: “New frontier of Denim”.

Who’s your favorite denim designer:

Marithé + François Girbaud. During the university, I attended an internship at their modeling and tailoring. My modeling teach was one of their seamstresses. It was a wonderful experience, seeing those denim garments appear with 4d shapes. They were a hilarious couple! They made the denim history. Also Giovanni Petrin, when I met him by Lavanderie Martelli, told me how innovative they were in wanting to use the laser for decorating and finishing the jeans. Their style will never die.

What do you think it’s the best invention in the denim industry:

The best inventions in the denim industry are the new technologies, such as the enzyatic wash; and the unmistakable selvage, concerning the denim construction with the ancient looms.

Who’s your denim hero & why:

Without doubt, Levi Strauss. If it hadn’t been for this dear German gentleman, now, nobody of us would wear a 5-pocket jeans and nobody knows what a rivet is.

What’s your favorite denim store:

I don’t have a favorite one, its changing so fast…However if I had to choose between an industrialist or tailoring one, I would prefer the second choice.

What are your ultimate denim accessories:

My Indigo-Sweetbag, eco-sustainable thermoformed bag, made with the biological fabric of Berto. Product 100% Made in Italy, 100% Eco-Sustainable.

Marta Cellini

Marta Cellini

What’s your favorite inspiration quote:

”Rise and rise again until lambs become lions.”

Who do you love to see in the next Meet the Person:

Actually more than one person…

Lucia Rosin, an Italian woman who is working hard for the denim sustainability.

Mostafiz Huddin, founder of the Denim Bagladesh Expo. I worked with him and is struggling for the traceability of the denim product.

Fabio Branciaroli, who produces an excellent denim Made in Italy (Imatex).

Luca Cappellini, who works in the chemical research for the development of new denim washing techniques, in San Marino (The Italian Job).

Pasquale Russo of the Itac Lab, an Italian laundry that is working very hard for the eco-sustainability with excellent results.

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Written by Wouter Munnichs
I'm the founder of Long John. Next to running this daily magazine, I'm working as a freelance denim specialist for the industry. Titled as 'Denim Influencer 2020' by Rivet 50. Celebrated my 10th anniversary with Long John in 2021.