Today the 5th episode of the topic Meet the Person. This topic Meet the Person is about passionate people, people in the denim industry with a clear focus, mind-set and initiatives. In Meet the Person I will give you an insight into their life; who are they, what are they doing, what makes them so special, where are they working on, etc. etc. The fifh episode of Meet the Person is with Leon Blok, designer and tailor maker. Thanks for sharing your story Leon!


Leon Blok

  • Name: Leon Blok
  • Living in village & country: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Age: 29
  • Instagram ID: @leblstudios
  • Number of Instagram followers: 1.400
  • Website: soon online
  • Daily work: designer, tailor, maker

Can you introduce yourself:

My name is Leon Blok, living in Amsterdam and running my own small brand called LEBLstudios. I make one of a kind denim garments for people, where I do all the designs, pattern making and stitching by myself. I like to take a modern approach on raw denim products and try to push it into new directions. I strive for perfection in every aspect of creating and making.

Besides LEBL I start up another niche brand together with friends. These are handmade scarves from India made from 100% Pashmina, one of the rarest fibers on the planet and with a history that goes back to 300 BC.

At last I do some consultancy and freelance work for brands and work parttime at Denham the Jeanmaker.

Lebl atelier

How did you entered the denim industry:

As a real young guy I always saved money to buy a good pair of jeans. I loved the Evisu stuff but actually I did not had a clue what I was buying by then. Also bought a Blue Blood jeans from the first season and just loved wearing it every day. When I studied on AMFI (Amsterdam Fashion Institute) my interest and knowlegde has grown intensively and my internship on the design department of Levis Vintage Clothing and Levis Made & Crafted + a project (creating a fictional subline) for Denham the Jeanmaker teached me a lot.

Handmade bespoke Lebl jackets

What are you doing at the moment:

I have several projects going on the moment. I’m making some bespoke pieces for a band called Indian Askin. They are an upcoming band which are all super talented musicians and I will support them with one of a kind pieces that represents there style and vibe in an unique way.

At the moment I’m also working on a very precious project for Mr Shunji Ohashi aka The Denim Ninja. He got married with his wife 1,5 year ago and had nice selvegde denim towards the altar. From that roll of fabric I will tailor him a denim suit, together with a jeans for his wife and mother in law.

Where are you the most proud of so far as it comes to your work:

I’m just proud that people appreciate my work in general. The response of people towards my work is where I get a lot of energy from.

Leon at work at a bespoke Lebl jeans

What’s the biggest denim trend(s) right now in your opnion:

I think on the moment you can’t get wrong with any denim trend as long as it fits you as a person. Depending on the markets you looking at, there is such a big variety of styles made by the bigger chain stores towards high fashion labels and small individual brands, every aspect of denim is covered on the moment I guess.

The best trends out there are at my opinion are the anti waste collections/pieces. Using old materials to create new things, try reduce waste to minimums and combine with great quality is a trend that will develop itself massively. I think because people are getting more and more aware of what they are doing and how they live. Its time for a sustainable future in fashion and denim!

Bespoke Lebl selvage jeans

And what would be the next denim trend:

I don’t think there will be crazy changes if you talk about denim trends. High fashion brands will make more exceptional designs every season, but within the mass it will stay quiet similar. Of course with some exceptions, denim trends tend to be there for a longer time compared to fashion trends. I think that there are so many subcultures and lifestyles which all have their own vibe of dressing themselves, and denim always have its piece of the pie I believe.

Where is your inspiration coming from:

From people, photography, architecture, life in general. There is happening so much things around you, that it is inspiring to visualize any other things that are not familiar to yourself.

Bespoke Lebl short

What’s your favorite denim item in your closet en why:

That is probably my double pleated trouser from my own brand. Its a high rise, low crotch, exremely tapered trousers made of a 15,5oz Nihon Mempu fabric with a 40% hemp in it. Due to the hemp the handfeel of this pair is subliminal after the first wash and this could only become better even.

Leon’s Lebl favo style

What’s your favorite denim fit:

I like to wear different fits to different occasions and style options but my favorite fit of all is a jean which has a high rise with a slightly drop crotch, a roomie topblock and tapered down towards the ankle. Preferable pleated trouser style.

Lebl pleated trouser

What’s your favorite denim city:

To be honest I have not been travelling enough to give a clear answer to this. I can imagine that it would be somewhere in Japan. Hopefully I will explore this in the future.

What do you think it’s the best invention in the denim industry:

That must be the traditional selvegde looms which are explored and advanced in any aspect by Japanese craftsmen and craftswomen.

Selvage fabrics

What’s your favorite inspiration quote:

With my eyes turned into the past, I walk backwards into the future –Yohji Yamamoto.

Who do you love to see in the next Meet the Person:

Mr Shunji Ohashi aka The Denim Ninja or Elvert Arnold/Lizzie Kroeze (the nicest couple that are born with denim (Levi’s in particular ) in there veins.

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Written by Wouter Munnichs
I'm the founder of Long John. Next to running this daily magazine, I'm working as a freelance denim specialist for the industry. Titled as 'Denim Influencer 2020' by Rivet 50. Celebrated my 10th anniversary with Long John in 2021.