Meet The Store #12: Meadow From Malmö, Sweden

Today the 12th episode of the topic Meet the Store. This topic Meet the Store shows you the best (denim) stores. The stores you need to know to find the right pair of jeans, the most durable boots, an outstanding jacket or your new favorite denim item.

This new edition of Meet the Store is with Meadow which is located in Malmö, Sweden. A great store filled a perfect selection of unique brands. Thanks for sharing your story Christopher!


Christopher Åkesson


  • Name: Christopher Åkesson.
  • Living in village & country: Malmö, Sweden.
  • Age: 36 years.
  • Instagram ID of the store: @meadowweb
  • Number of Instagram followers of the store: 27.500 followers.
  • Website:
  • Daily work: CEO/owner of Meodow Web.

Can you introduce yourself (who are you and what are you doing):

My name is I’m 36 years in a month. I founded Meadow 12 years ago. As the owner I do a lot of things. I do budgets, buying, shooting pictures, editing them, taking care of the technical parts of the web store, hemming jeans, making future plans etc.. I’m soon about to launch my own denim brand, new website and new graphic profile too.

 What kind of store is Meadow:

It’s a men’s fashion store with a strong focus on production, mostly Japanese, and of course denim.


Can you tell a little bit about the history of Meadow: 

I was working in a commercial clothing store in Copenhagen and after a year at that place a friend of mine called me and asked me if I wanted to open up our own shop, which was something I asked him if he wanted to do 2 years prior to this.

So, we opened up the doors on October 17th in 2008. Back then we were very heritage oriented selling LVC, Lee 101, Wrangler Blue Bell, etc. Over time we went through different phases like many others. We did the rockabilly 50’s style, the cowboy, the lumberjack, the hiker, the biker and so on. And right now, 12 years later we’re where we are, which is more some sort of mix of menswear casual fashion, Japanese denim fashion and streetwear. Hard to pin point what we’re doing really. Haha.

What are the core/most popular products at Meadow:

Denim is 40% of our total business, so that’s definitely our focus.


What are the most popular brands at Meadow:

Most popular are Fullcount, orSlow, Lady White Co, Sunray Sportswear, New Balance, Our Legacy and Pallet Life Story.

What’s the most popular denim brand and fit at Meadow:

All the regular fits from Pallet Life Story, orSlow, Fullcount, TCB, Japan Blue Jeans and Pure Blue Japan.


Are there new brands added to the Meadow collection:

The latest additions to our assortment are *A Vontade (Japan), Sunray (England/Japan) and Sage De Cret (Japan).

What’s the most iconic item available at …:

We don’t have those iconic heritage pieces like old 501’s, 101z etc. But the most iconic to me would be the 105 from orSlow. It’s such a perfect fit.

What’s your personal favorite denim brand(s):

Warehouse, orSlow, Fullcount and Pallet Life Story.


Where is your inspiration coming from as owner/buyer of Meadow:

I don’t really know. Pop culture, people in general, skaters, rappers and travels. It’s from anything in particular, but from many different things.

What’s your personal favorite denim brand and fit:

Warehouse – 1001.

orSlow – 105.

Pallet Life Story – Regular fit.


What’s your favorite denim city:

Tokyo in Japan.

Can you show the most crazy faded jeans from the Meadow hall of fades:

Haha. I’m not in to crazy fades that much. I like the natural even ageing of indigo, but not the high contrast fades. I respect it, but it’s not for me that much 🙂


What can we expect in the future of Meadow:

My own denim brand, a big growth, our new website and a complete rebranding of Meadow.

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