MEET THE STORE #7: Arborator Denim Company

Today the 7th episode of the topic Meet the Store. This topic Meet the Store shows you the best (denim) stores. The stores you need to know to find the right pair of jeans, the most durable boots, an outstanding jacket or your new favorite denim item.

This seventh edition of Meet the Store is with the recently re-opened Arborator store in Maastricht, NL. Martijn van Bergenhenegouwen, owner of the store, is sharing his story of how he started as a retailer, about his store and collection and so on. Thanks for sharing your story Martijn!


Martijn van Bergenhenegouwen

arborator longjohn

  • Name: Martijn van Bergenhenegouwen.
  • Living in village & country: Maastricht, The Netherlands.
  • Age: 47 years.
  • Instagram ID of the store: @ArboratorDenimCompany.
  • Number of Instagram followers of the store: 1.714 followers.
  • Website:
  • Daily work: Running my store with a lot of fun and passion.

Can you introduce yourself (who are you and what are you doing):

Hi, my name is Martijn van Bergenhenegouwen and I’m born in 1970 and raised in Anrhem, NL. Since I was fifteen years old I’m working in the flower business. In fact my entire family worked in this field. Three years ago, 2015, I opened my first denim store M-Perception in Maastricht, the South of Holland. After a fire in the store seven months ago, the store is reborn as Arborator Denim Company.

arborator longjohn

arborator longjohn

arborator longjohn

The Arborator store in Maastricht.

What kind of store is Arborator Denim Company:

Arborator is a true men’s store with heritage and workwear inspired brands. The core of the collection contains brands as Red Wing, Pike Brothers, Tellason, Lee 101, Momotaro, Nudie, Denim.Lab, Filson, Ted Baker, Butts and Shoulders, Dstrezzed and Pig & Hen. The mix of brands is unique and therefore it shows perfectly my own identity.

arborator longjohn

arborator longjohn

The corner at Arborator is filled with the finest rigid selvedge pairs of jeans.

In the store is also a repair corner where we repair and shorten jeans while our customers are waiting with a fresh made cup of coffee or cold beer.

arborator longjohn

arborator longjohn

Shots of the repair corner.

Can you tell a little bit about the history of Arborator:

I start working in my family flower business around 1985. It was here that I got infected by the retail virus. Since then I developed my own retail skills with a lot of success.

What are the core/most popular products at Arborator:

The basis of the store are dry selvedge jeans. The three most popular brands in the store at the moment are Pike Brothers, Dstrezzed and Red Wing. With Pike Brothers we’re growing extremely hard the last couple of seasons. Their price value has a perfect balance. It’s so successful that by the end of this year we will carry most of their collection in our store.

arborator longjohn

redwing longjohn

In the back of the Arborator store is a Red Wing corner. You can play here also on the drums.

What’s the most popular denim brand and fit at Arborator:

The most popular jeans at this moment is the Pike Brothers fit 1937 and 1958. From Nudie we’re selling the Grim Tim also very well. Next to these two brands the Yenko 454 from Denim.Lab is also performing very good.

pike brothers longjohn

The Pike Brothers fit 1958. This jeans is made of 15oz redline selvedge fabric.

Are there new brands added to the Arborator collection: 

Momotaro, Tellason, Denim.Lab and Nudie.

What’s your personal favorite denim brand(s):

It’s a hard one to pick only one brand, so I will pick two of my favorites from this moment; the first one is the 0605 style from Momotaro. And the second one is the Yenko 454 from Denim.Lab. Both fits are so good and they fit as a glove. I like them a lot!

My wardrobe at home has around 30 pairs of dry jeans and every pair is special and good on his own way. You can’t have enough pairs of jeans : )

momotaro longjohn

The 0605 fit by Momotaro.

denimlab longjohn

denimlab longjohn

The Yenko 454 fit by Denim.Lab.

Where is your inspiration coming from as owner/buyer:

My biggest inspiration are my roots. My new store name, Arborator, also refers to it. The name refers to the Latin word Arbor, which means tree. An Arborator is someone who plants and takes care of trees.


Martijn and his father in front of their family roots. On the picture you can see his great grandfather, grandfather and more of his family. 

What’s your favorite denim city:

I’m a real workaholic, so I don’t travel a lot. Since my thirtythree years career I only went nine times on holiday, hahaha. But if I have to pick one it would be Tokyo, although I haven’t been there it’s on top of my wishlist. So who knows that this will be my number one city to go for denim.

What can we expect in the future of Arborator:

At the moment I’m developing my own denim brand, The Arborator Denim. It will be available in Spring 2019. Soon more info about this!

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Written by Wouter Munnichs
I'm the founder of Long John. Next to running this daily magazine, I'm working as a freelance denim specialist for the industry. Titled as 'Denim Influencer 2020' by Rivet 50. Celebrated my 10th anniversary with Long John in 2021.