Today the 1st episode of the new topic Meet the Store. This new topic Meet the Store shows you the best (denim) stores. The stores you need to know to find the right pair of jeans, the most durable boots, the outstanding jacket or your new favorite item. The kick-off is with Cultizm which is an iconic online store filled with the most authentic, unique and special products. Specialized in denim. I spoke with Bakary Winkler, buyer at Cultizm, about his love for denim, the best acting brands at Cultizm, the future plans from Cultzim, etc. Thanks Bakary for sharing the Cultizm story in the 1st episode of Meet the Store!


Bakary Winkler

  • Name: Bakary Winkler
  • Living in village & country: Born and raised in Münster, Germany
  • Age: 44
  • Daily work: buyer at Cultizm
  • Instagram ID of Cultizm: @cultizm
  • Number of Instagram followers of the store: 43,5k
  • Website:

Can you introduce yourself (who are you and what are you doing):

My name is Bakary Winkler and I’m working as a buyer at Cultizm. I’m working in the fashion industry my whole career. I started at Titus, selling skateboards and clothes like Stüssy, Vans, Jimmy’z etc. If you grew up in Münster, during this time, there was no way to hide from skateboarding. Skateboarding was the biggest influence for me in terms of style and music. After that I had a sales agency, selling hip hop and streetwear clothes to the northern part of Germany. I was also running a couple of shops in that time. Almost 6 years ago I started at Cultizm. I watched Cultizm for a while and thought it should be great to work there. So I sent an application for employment, but they didn’t answer. I sent it a second time and Dejan Milenkovic, the owner of Cultzim, invited me for a talk. After half an hour we agreed to give it a try. This is how I became the buyer at Cultizm.

What kind of store is Cultzim:

I would say, Cultizm is one of the world leaders as raw denim retailer. Cultizm is modern heritage. I don’t like boxes, so its hard to find the right term. We love clothes, especially denim, we are passionate about it. We love the traditional way of craft, but we are also very open minded for new things. We are not really into this super trendy stuff. At the end we are addicted to denim.

Can you tell a little bit about the history of Cultzim:

Dejan Milenkovic, the founder of Cultizm, could speak better about the whole thing, but let me try to break it down. Dejan was supposed to be a broker and after the financial crash in 2001, he was looking for something new. He started to buy old Levi’s stock and sold it on several platforms. It was really successful, so he bought more and added other denim brands like Nudie Jeans on This is how the whole thing started.

Dejan Milenkovic, the founder of Cultizm,

What are the core/most popular products on Cultizm:

Denim, denim, denim. After denim, it is boots.

What are the most popular brands on Cultizm:

There are a couple of brands. It’s Levi’s, Red Wing, Filson, Adidas in the traditional way, but it is also Nudie Jeans or Hansen.

What’s the most popular denim brand and fit on Cultizm:

I guess Levi’s is the most popualar denim brand, since ever. Concerning the fit, we are doing very well with the Nudies Grim Tim.

Are there new brands added to the Cultizm Spring Summer ’17 collection:

It is Brütting Diamond Brand, a sneakers brand made in Germany. Another one is Mey Story which is made in Germany 100% and Hemen which is made in France.

What’s the most iconic item available on Cultizm:

I would say its the Levi’s Vintage Clothing – LVC 1947 XX jeans.

Levi’s Vintage Clothing LVC 501 – 1947 fit

What’s your personal favorite denim brand(s):

I like the smaller brands like 3sixteen, RGT or Livid. The Naked and Famous brand is the most crazy with their fabrics. Japan Blue is amazing too.

Where is your inspiration coming from as buyer of Cultizm:

There is a lot. Of course I read all these blogs, but it is also very important to watch the people on the street. Music, food and travelling are also inspiring me a lot. The normal life, sports, a conversation with friends. Its a lifestyle.

What’s your personal favorite denim brand and fit:

I like, what the most people call anti-fit these days, high rise and a tapered leg. You will laugh, but my favorite fit is the PRPS Fury, but it is hard to find in a raw selvedge version.

What’s your favorite denim city:

Unfortunately I never traveled to Asia, what I need to do pretty soon. My No.1 city is definitely New York. If you asking me about inspiration, New York is pure energy.

Can you show the most crazy faded jeans from the Cultzim hall of fades:

New vs Worn pair of Nudie Jeans – Grim Tim

What can we expect in the future of Cultizm:

We are working, full speed, on the re-launch of our shop. We are really exited about this project. It will allow our customer a more confident shopping. He will find his product and size quicker, way easier. We’ll have more opportunities to show the brands and to talk about it. It will be a different shopping experience for the customer comparing to now. Additionally we will offer smaller brands a platform where they can sell their products worldwide, like a market place. Smaller brands from Indonesia or elsewhere, if they fit to Cultizm. And of course we will bring you more fine selected goods.

Written by Wouter Munnichs
I'm the founder of Long John. Next to running this daily magazine, I'm working as a freelance denim specialist for the industry. Titled as 'Denim Influencer 2020' by Rivet 50. Celebrated my 10th anniversary with Long John in 2021.