The Start Of The Merz b. Schwanen Brand In Germany

The Merz b. Schwanen brand has a long history as it goes back to 1911 when Balthasar Merz started a textile factory on the Swabian Alb in Germany. Exactly a century later in 2011, Gitta and Peter Plotnicki, life- and business partners based in Berlin, re-established the brand after the descendants of the founder had shut down the production. It was an over-90-year-old henley of the former brand that caught the couple’s eyes at a flea market in Berlin.

The two visited the Swabian Albs to meet with textile manufacturer Rudolf Loder. They surprised them with 32 loop wheelers that originated from the 1889s to the 1960s. They were unused and covered with dust. These original loop wheel machines still produce the fabric for their ‘Good Originals’, which are highlighted in this article.

merz b schwanen

merz b schwanen

The Merz b. Schwanen Good Original Sweatshirts

The Merz b. Schwanen ‘346 Good Originals’ sweatshirts are available in a wide range of colors within the brand’s collection. In this article, the grey and charcoal are getting a spotlight. The ‘Good Originals’ sweatshirts are made of loop wheeled fabric made in Germany. The fabric is 12oz – 340g and made of 100% organic cotton. The authentic sweats feature authentic details such as ribbon paneled neckline, triangle inserts under the arms, and no side seams.

merz b schwanen

merz b schwanen

What Are Loopwheel Machines

Loopwheel machines are very rare these days. Because the machines are circular, the resulting garments have no side seams. No side seams mean no twisted garments. The machines are old and slow circular warping machines that were made to produce innovative and very comfortable warped fabrics. These fabrics are nowadays known as jersey qualities.

Every loopwheel machine is fitted with over a thousand needles. In the old days, every needle was made by hand. They are assembled in a row, knitting the thread row for the row as it spools down. This happens in a gentle, calm, and productive atmosphere.

The outcome of the fabric made on loop wheel machines looks different than that made on modern machines. They look and feel different, and shows sometimes slight irregularities. Something that is an essential part of the characteristic of each garment in the end.

merz b schwanen

merz b schwanen

An Authentic Packaging

Each Merz b. Schwanen ‘Good Originals’ sweatshirt comes in an authentic box. A link to the old production and heritage of the German brand.



Written by Wouter Munnichs
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