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An Online Event Called Road To 100

In 2019, Dutch denim brand Mud Jeans began their Road to 100 journey, aiming to create the first jeans made from 100% post-consumer recycled denim. A very ambitious denim project for the entire industry. Now, a few years later they teamed up with Saxion University in The Netherlands and together they reached their goal. To celebrate this they organized an online event which was hosted by their brand ambassador and sustainability advocate Jennifer Hofman, mostly known as a Dutch actress.

A World Premiere

During the Road to 100 online event, they gave an insight into their journey together with the brand builder of Mud Jeans, Danique Gunning, and denim expert Dion Vijgeboom. Included in the Q&A were also two videos where you can see how they managed to achieve their goal of a world premiere. A true milestone within the industry as it’s never done before to create a 100% post-consumer cotton fabric. The outcome fabric is made of mechanical recycled fibers (old pairs of jeans) and chemical recycled fibers. The chemical recycled fibers were added for the length to make the yarn strong(er).

mud jeans


The First Result

Halfway through the online event, Dion showed the first result of their denim short, made of 33% chemical fibers and 67% mechanical fibers. The short has a very soft feel and is proof that it is possible to create a 100% post-consumer cotton fabric. As this is just the first step, proof that their technique works, they’re going to work on heavier versions too. Hopefully, they can show them the next round in the follow-up of their Road to 100.

In case you missed Mud Jeans’ Road to 100 event, watch it here;

Written by Wouter Munnichs
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