Today i received an email from my king of vintage friend Rin Tanakan from Japan.
He is working on his latest MF edition.
MF10 featuring 1980s new wave fashions: including over 1000 items in totally P352 pages!!
This title will be the final one in the My Freedamn collection!

Attached the first sample cover photo here!
Probably, you NEVER see such “Mid-Century” style covers at the bookstores?!!
Cover’s plywood material, special-manufactured by a famous plywood Co. in Sizuoka, Japan.
“Saito Wood,” is selected very gorgeous BIRDS-EYE maples!

Some colors will be avilable: Natural, Red, Black, Yellow, like the mid and late 1940s Herman Miller’s Catalog….

Please visit his website for the whole MF collection;

Written by Wouter
I'm the founder of Long John. Next to running this daily magazine I'm working as a freelance marketing specialist for brands and retail. Specialized in denim. Nominated as Influencer 2020 by Rivet 50.