naveena wraptech 2.0

Innovative WRAPTECH 2.0 Technology

The Pakistani denim mill Naveena uses The LYCRA Company’s fiber LYCRA® and LYCRA® T400® on their new innovative WRAPTECH 2.0 technology. Naveena is always seeking a new approach to premium denim developments meeting the future needs and expectations of consumers. This new concept covers the latest technical advancements in strength, durability, and stretch capacity.

naveena wraptech 2.0

naveena wraptech 2.0

Loungewear Has Become The New Standard

The current Covid-19 pandemic leads that us all spend more time at home, and loungewear has become the new standard these days. It’s all about feeling comfortable, and this is exactly where the Naveena WRAPTECH 2.0 comes around the corner. Fortunately, Naveena was already prepared for the shift in wearing more often functional and athleisure wear. Comfort denim, specifically with high-stretch qualities, is emerging as the industry’s hot ticket item.

naveena wraptech 2.0

naveena wraptech 2.0

Years Of Research And Yarn Engineering

Naveena worked many years in research and yarn engineering. The WRAPTECH 2.0 outcome is a new technology fabric with LYCRA® fibers and in particular LYCRA® T400® fiber. WRAPTECH 2.0 smart-stretch yarn engineering gives you denim fabrics with good power, low growth, and a much lower compression force than typical stretch denim.

This new technology meets the expectations of both consumers, garment producers, and brands as they can get not only super stretch jeans but also jeans that are extremely comfortable to wear and also retain their shape and fit over time.

It blends the comfort of a power stretch and the recovery of LYCRA® T400® fiber with the authentic look of a rigid fabric. You can achieve the same washes and finishes of a traditional rigid fabric in comfort stretch jeans. Brands can request sustainable inputs such as LYCRA® T400® EcoMade technology or up to 20% post-industrial waste cotton.

naveena wraptech 2.0

naveena wraptech 2.0

The Future-Fit Fabric

Naveena’s WRAPTECH 2.0 technology represents a ‘Future-Fit’ fabric. This fabric covers five main pillars; Comfort, Innovation, Strength, Versatility, and Sustainability.


  • Shape-retention and recovery.
  • All-day comfort, all-day fit.
  • High flexibility/freedom of movement.
  • Garments stretch, don’t constrict.


  • Better growth, recovery, and shrinkage (compared to other fabrics with the same elasticity level).
  • 30% less growth (compared to other high-stretch fabrics with the same construction).
  • Less seam puckering or elastane breakages.
  • Excellent elongation and recovery.


  • Higher resistance force.
  • Easily stretch and snap back without sacrificing comfort.
  • Holds up to any wash, and finish.
  • More-durable jeans.


  • Wider fit window. One jeans can fit several sizes.
  • Multiple constructions, collection of fabrics.
  • One fabric can be used for a wide range of silhouettes.
  • The look of a rigid jean, feel of 100% stretch.


  • Can extend the wear life of the garment.
  • Garments maintain shape longer between washes.
  • Less sagging/bagging between laundering.
  • Can be made with renewable/recycled content.

The Answer For Super Versatile Jeans

Naveena’s WRAPTECH 2.0 ‘Future-Fit’ fabric minimizes the level of constraint against the body. It provides an amazing level of flexibility, comfort, and freedom to move. And as Naveena’s WRAPTECH 2.0 jeans retain their shape and fit, they require fewer home laundries and last longer, minimizing their impact on the environment. You can easily dress it up or down, smart or casual, at home or outdoors, Naveena’s WRAPTECH 2.0 is the answer for super versatile jeans that fit all day, every day, every season.

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Written by Wouter Munnichs
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