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New Ways To Contribute

Naveena Denim Mills is constantly seeking new ways to contribute to a brighter future. They consider social responsibility as an intrinsic part and one of the main pillars of their sustainability strategy. Beyond contributing to the future by setting environmentally conscious production standards, their primary aim is to create a positive impact for all their stakeholders and the communities we live in.

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Quality Education

In line with Sustainable Development Goal 4 ‘Quality Education’, Naveena Denim Mills focuses specifically on social projects aimed at raising well-educated, healthy, and fruitful new generations. They know that a brighter future starts with education and giving children the tools and support they need to find success in school and in life, but also for their country to develop a qualified workforce.

One Of The Largest Supporters Of The Citizens Foundation (TCF)

Therefore, Naveena Denim Mills is among one of the largest supporters of The Citizens Foundation (TCF). They have prioritized quality education as a lifeline to the community that surrounds them and it is for this purpose they have partnered with The Citizens Foundation (TCF) to provide quality education in the vicinity of our factory operations. Under joint management with TCF, they have established ‘The Riaz Tata Campus’ providing education at primary and secondary levels to Korangi IV vicinity in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.

Each year this school provides subsidized quality education to more than 1,500 students each year since its inception in 2004. The female enrollment ratio has been consistently improving and is now more than 50%. Naveena Denim Mills has also established through this initiative that it is bringing a positive change within the society as 85% of the population living within the school’s enrollment vicinity is illiterate.

To encourage more families to send the girls to their school they’re recruiting female teachers in order to give confidence to the families of these girls and adhere to cultural sensitivities to promote female enrollment.

They chose TCF as their implementing partner in this education program as they have a proven standard in providing quality education to the most destitute communities in Pakistan. They also endorse the TCF education model of as-you-can-afford, where families are encouraged to make normal contributions towards the fee based on the means often as little as PKR 10 (USD 0.12) per month to encourage more enrollment.

School buildings are well-equipped with airy and well-lit classrooms, an administrative block, a playground, a library, computer and science labs to provide students with a stimulating learning environment.

Before disbursement of annual payment, they just thoroughly review past year performance of their designated campus. They have been running all expenses of more than 2 Schools and they plan to expand this network in near future.

Learn more about The Citizens Foundation (TCF) in the video here below;

Adult Literacy Programme

Naveena Denim Mills has internally started a program to educate illiterate workers in collaboration with Literate Pakistan Foundation (LPF). The Adult Literacy Program for Factory Workers is being conducted at Naveena Denim Mills factory premises with classes held in an HR training room with a typical class of 20 learners per session. Learner selection is based on basic literacy tests and learners’ strong desire for education. A trained teacher provided by curriculum partner Literate Pakistan Foundation leads the classes. The Citizen Foundation (TCF) is responsible for overall program management, monitoring, and program improvements.

Partnership With World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

At Naveena Denim Mills, in everything they do, they try to create so-called shared value. This means that they do not only focus on giving back or minimizing the harm their business may have on society, but also on maximizing the competitive value of their sustainability efforts.

This is why they have partnered with WWF PAKISTAN to bring awareness in three major areas to their employees.

  • Discharge of Hazardous Chemical (ZDHC) and chemical inventory management. This will ensure a better understanding of basic requirements, steps, and techniques to handle ZDHC equipment.
  • Smart Environmental Management Practices (SEMPs) and Cleaner Production Techniques. This will allow workers to understand the techniques to mitigate environmental pollution in their daily routines.
  • Alliance for Water Steward Program followed by a series of awareness sessions and multiple development initiatives which will enable utility employees to identify and achieve common goals for sustainable water management and shared water security.

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Global Compact

At Naveena Denim Mills they believe that building positive transformation is an endeavor of many hands and minds, not one actor alone. In this regard, they have been recently aligning their strategies with the SDGs and have signed the United Nations Global Compact to further reinforce our pledge to sustainability and promote change in the industry.

With this signature, they commit themselves to respect human rights, providing a safe and decent working environment, protecting the environment, applying policies and practices that ensure transparent corporate management, and providing our employees and society with sustainable value and benefits.

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