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Launching The New Collaboration Fabric

Next week, a new edition of Kingpins will take place in Amsterdam. Finally, the denim fabric show is back, so it is the perfect timing for the Pakistani Naveena Denim Mills to launch their new collaboration with The LYCRA Company. Together they worked on their new Dualistic collection, the perfect blend of style and comfort!

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The Innovative Dualistic Fabric

The new Naveena Denim Mills x The LYCRA Company fabrics combine outstanding stretch and cooling characteristics, still with an authentic denim look and touch. Garments with these innovative Dualistic fabrics can improve one’s wearing experience every day and at all times, thanks to groundbreaking LYCRA® DUAL COMFORT technology.

The Dualistic fabrics provide comfortable and long-lasting garments with easy stretch, very low bagging and sagging, good moisture management, a natural hand feel, and aesthetics with minimal shine on the fabric surface. The secret is a proprietary combination of LYCRA® T400® A fiber and a special finishing process that delivers the texture and appearance of a spun yarn with high mechanical stretch and excellent recovery plus durability and moisture management properties.

naveena lycra

naveena lycra

The LYCRA Company About Dualistic

We are excited that Naveena chose LYCRA® DUAL COMFORT technology to create their DUALISTIC fabrics,” said Ebru Ozaydin, Strategic Marketing Director – Ready-to-Wear and Denim, at The LYCRA Company. “LYCRA® DUAL COMFORT technology allows these DUALISTIC fabrics have soft and cool comfort with durable shape retention– all excellent benefits for consumers.

Dualistic fabrics are also offered with LYCRA®T400® A EcoMade fiber for both recycled and renewable materials for 68% sustainable content.

naveena lycra

naveena lycra

Naveena Denim Mills About Dualistic

Ms. Aydan Tuzun, Head of Global Sales and Marketing at Naveena Denim Mills said:

Consumer priorities have shifted, and brands are shifting alongside them. There’s less focus on what to wear out and about, and more of a need for items that work across multiple end-uses and provide ultimate versatility. In this regard, jeans have remained a go-to garment for a range of activities from lounging around at home to heading out for a night on the town. Dualistic fabrics offer the best of two worlds, and a perfect blend of style and comfort. You call literally wear them everywhere. They look Monday chic, but move like Friday evening”.

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The Dualistic Video

To celebrate the launch of the Dualistic fabrics, Naveena Denim Mills created an uplifting video. Watch it here;

Written by Wouter Munnichs
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