New Butcher Of Blue Items by Bob Rijnders

A few years ago the Butcher of Blue brand was founded by Bob Rijnders. Bob started his brand from his BOB Store in Hoogland – NL. The first items he made were rigid selvage jeans, and a few sweaters. Slowly he’s expanding his Butcher of Blue brand. The core of the brand is based on men’s classics as sweats, polo’s, tshirts, and jeans.

Bob Rijnders; ”The Butcher was born and raised in the heart of rural Holland, the ‘Highlands’. I travel all over the world, but I will never leave this place. This is where my heart is. Where my home is. That’s where you’ll always find The Butcher Shop.”

“Like any good butcher I respect the product. And how it was ‘raised’. Everybody and everything involved should be treated with care. Honest and true. And that’s what you feel when you try on my clothing. They fit your body. And your mind as well.”

“Our love for denim started a never-ending journey. Always searching for new destinations: new materials and clothing, new supplies and techniques, new ideas and inspiration.”

“The next place we’ll go is unknown. Could be destiny. Or pure luck. Could be next week. Or tomorrow. The only thing that’s certain: we will be leaving. And returning again. With great clothing. “

Bob Rijnders – Butcher of Blue

Recently Bob added some new quality made products to his Butcher of Blue collection. The first new item in the collection is a timeless polo. The polo has a recognisable patch with a butcher hook. This patch inspired by a vintage U.S. Navy emblem. The polo is available in two colours: blue and black. The polo’s are made of 100% cotton in Portugal.

A few new tees were also added to the collection. This is the Melrose Tee Rosebowl. The ribbed cuff detail on the sleeve end is inspired by vintage underwear tees from the Swedish army. The shirt is availbale in three colours: red, blue and black. The shirts are also made in Portugal.

A collection isn’t complete with a good and timeless sweater and hoodie. Both items have the Butcher hook on the chest and are made of 100% cotton in Portugal. Available in blue and black.

The core of the Butcher of Blue brand are the jeans. The first new jeans is called Broken Dreams. This jeans is not a true straight fit, but its also not too slim. The jeans is made of Italian fabric from the Candiani mill and washed by Eletti. The broken twill fabric has a little stretch % for ultimate comfort. The jeans is available in two different options: medium wash and a more destroyed look. Both looks are done by hand.

The third new jeans of the Butcher of Blue collection has a more raw look. Its has the same fit as the ones described here above. The fabric is also from Candiani and the jeans is also treated by Eletti. The jeans has the look of a pair of raw jeans which is worn for a few months.

All the Butcher of Blue items are available through some fine selected retailers, but also through their own webshop here. Of course you can also visit their Butcher of Blue flagship store in Hoogland, NL.

Butcher of Blue
Hamseweg 9
3828 AA Hoogland
The Netherlands

Written by Wouter Munnichs
I'm the founder of Long John. Next to running this daily magazine, I'm working as a freelance denim specialist for the industry. Titled as 'Denim Influencer 2020' by Rivet 50. Celebrated my 10th anniversary with Long John in 2021.