Number 5 Lookbook by Dumluck Brand

Dumluck is a young denim label started by Kenley Chittick in 2014. As a Dutch based denim brand he focus on crafted, quality and handmade garments. He started his denim journey by buying a few vintage sewing machines on several places in The Netherlands and Belgium.With just a few yards of premium Japanese selvedge fabrics he kicked-off to work on his dream. His denim dream.

His love for authentic and heritage classics are the key elements in his Dumluck collections, but always with a modern twist. Recently Kenley launched his new lookbook called Number 5. In the lookbook you can see his clearly view on making durable, clean and timeless goods.

The heart of the Dumluck collection are jeans, but next to this Kenley is also creating items as clean shirts, sophisticated jackets and outstanding pants with smart details. One of the unique details are the golden buttons and the shape of the leather patches. The designs are all made in The Netherlands.

Dumluck Number 5 lookbook.

Dumluck jeans

Dumluck jeans



The Story of Kenley Chittick – Founder Dumluck

Read the story of Dumluck in the words of founder Kenley Chittick here below.

Kenley Chittick, founder of DUMLUCK.

”My name is Kenley Chittick, your jeans and pattern maker at Dumluck. I run most of this one-man band. Living in The Netherlands in the wonderful city of Amsterdam, My passion for denim started when buying and selling jeans of nearly 10 years as a store manager. I learned how to sew jeans and jackets by watching a lot of YouTube videos. And I mean a lot. This only reinforced the inklings of starting my own denim brand. I put time to perfect my craft of jeans, jacket and pattern making. Now that Dumluck is up and running I’m able to crank out jeans and jackets with pretty spectacular details and sewing techniques. I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel, but I’m damn sure trying to make it look really good and craft it the best possible way!”

Explore the Dumluck collection here:

Written by Wouter Munnichs
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