Private Collection.

I used to work at Diesel Jeans back in the days, and the premium line Old Glory was from the first moment very special for me. Handcrafted items which were very rare and expensive. Inspired by the big 3; Levi’s, Lee and Wrangler. After a couple of years Diesel got a lawsuit from a company from the U.S.A. which were also using the name Old Glory. After losing this case Diesel changed the name in Max Grade, which meant that the old OG stock was not for sale anymore. For us as staff this was the moment to buy these items for very cheap prices. After 6 years working for this brand I gave away most of my personal collection except the OG collection. My personal collection from this line is quit big, here are two of them. The rest will follow later. Enjoy! 


  • Owner: Wouter Munnichs from Eindhoven (Holland). Founder of LONG JOHN.
  • Brand: Old Glory by Diesel, fit jeans Nomad, jacket Prestone. (Old Glory was a premium sub label from Diesel Jeans in 1992/’94, with great details like orange selvage and handcrafted denim. A pair of OG jeans costed round € 275,-. A lot of money for those times.)   
  • Age: 18 years old
  • Treatment: Lived in this jeans 24/7!
  • Note: Both items were not raw when it came out, but got one rinse.

Old Glory Prestone denim jacket;

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Written by Wouter Munnichs
I'm the founder of Long John. Next to running this daily magazine, I'm working as a freelance denim specialist for the industry. Titled as 'Denim Influencer 2020' by Rivet 50. Celebrated my 10th anniversary with Long John in 2021.