Orta Anadolu aim for denim 4.0

Orta Anadolu joined again the Kingpins denim fabric show in Amsterdam. As always they showed their new innovations, developments and future denim concepts. With their new collection for Spring Summer 2019 Orta Anadolu is making a bold commitment to be a leader in transforming the denim industry with the most advanced natural technologies.

The denim game is changing, as its impossible to continue the old models of processes, manufacturing, distributing and research and development. Its time for denim 4.0 in the total production chain for a pair of jeans. This new process has to start from the beginning of the chain, the cotton plants and their farmers, to the employees in the denim factories. Orta Anadolu joins this movement in total sustainability, denim 4.0, with their advanced technologies. Orta rebirths their Orta Blu concept to aim to be the world leader on ethical, technological, and beautiful denim fabric and processes.

Their proprietary production method uses more sustainable processes that are leading the industry with a 21st century commitment to creative, clean and consciously forward denim tech. With new transparency tools now available to consumers, they have to be bolder and really deliver in their commitment. Consumers demand ethical, quality denim, and Orta is aligned with their values and desires.

Indigo Flow by Orta Anadolu

Orta Anadolu chose to call the concept for SS19 ‘Orta Blu’ to announce their commitment to include sustainable processes in every fabric they produce. The ‘Orta Blu’ concepts contain several new denim innovations. All the new fabrics are made using the patent pending ‘Indigo Flow’ process.

Orta can now proudly claim that all their products are clean label due to the ‘Indigo Flow’ process. To sum the ‘Indigo Flow’ process up;

  • Up to 70% reduced water usage
  • Energy saving as no heat is needed for fixing
  • Applicable to many different types of indigo & sulphur dyeing
  • GOTS certified fixing agent
  • Fabric with a richer and cleaner look
  • Clean Waste Water
  • No Salt Formation
  • Less Chemical Usage
  • Indigo Flow offers an advanced performance at the laundry stage

Orta Blu denim innovations

For Spring Summer ’19 Orta presents Orta Blu collection that combines art, technology and sustainability. Some of the highlights of their new ‘Orta Blu’ concepts are; 

  • Exoart 

The inspiration from Exoart comes from authentic artisans which are using the authentic Ikat fabrics and the Batik techniques for folk designs. What makes it unique is the creation of pattern by resist-tinting the yarn prior to weaving; and Orta have re-interpreted this pattern-effect for Exoart. Exoart goes bold, enjoying plays on scale and placements that give this traditional folk pattern a fresh makeover.

  • Chronicle 

With Chronicle Orta creates new memories through new experiences chronicled through new lenses of narration. Orta’s heritage denim chronicles the old and the new in the name of tradition. Vintage is a part of their imagination. Orta’s Chronicle denim is a future now update of their authentic heritage denim with stretch.

  • Bounce

As we spend our daily life deep into our digital devices, always looking down and hardly looking up. Its time to get more physical. Expand the senses and experience more. Bounce is real-life denim that stretches without reservation.

  • Glamtech

The Glamtech is a new fabric for the brave new world. Science fiction will be come reality. We need denim to navigate this shiny new world. Whether earth-bound or drone-hopping, Glamtech’s galactic shine flexes with every move. Glamtech captures the shine of a bright future with new coatings and technologies that make the fabric shiny—inside and out.

About Orta Anadolu

Orta Anadolu is founded in 1953 and has a rich history as it comes to denim fabrics. In the year 1985 they transformed their business from a spinning and weaving company to a denim manufacturer. Today Orta Anadolu produces more than 60 million meters of denim in its Turkey and Bahrain factories. One of the major key elements of Orta’s philosophy are transparency, sustainable, commitment and trustworthiness.

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Written by Wouter Munnichs
I'm the founder of Long John. Next to running this daily magazine, I'm working as a freelance denim specialist for the industry. Titled as 'Denim Influencer 2020' by Rivet 50. Celebrated my 10th anniversary with Long John in 2021.