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ORTA Collaborates With RIETER

ORTA, 70 years of innovation from Crafted Icons to Climate Tech, Waste-Positive, Net-Zero Heirlooms of the Future, has been advancing on its standard called GOLDEN RATIO. Engineered by Turkish denim mill ORTA, GOLDEN RATIO is the perfect formula for the optimum balance of recycled materials and durability of the fabric without compromising from the performance, quality or look of its denim fabrics. These elaborative studies, with the strength of collaborative effort done with RIETER bore fruit and ORTA became the first Com4recycling-ring licensee.

Trademark For Yarns Spun On RIETER Spinning Machines

Com4 is a globally registered trademark for yarns spun on RIETER spinning machines. To further establish recycled yarns in the market, RIETER awards spinners Com4recycling licenses for recycled ring, compact, and rotor yarns within the proven RIETER Com4 yarn family.


Photo courtesy of RIETER.

Collaboration Announced At ITMA Milano

The achievement was announced at ITMA Milano on June 8-14 at RIETER’s stand where beautiful and durable ORTA denim fabrics created with this collaboration were showcased at RIETER’s Technology Wall.

In an era of change, ORTA is making a bold commitment to be a leader in transforming the denim industry with the most advanced technologies. In line with this mission, ORTA has been working together with RIETER to advance the ring process with recycled fibers.


ORTA And RIETER About The Collaboration

Working alongside RIETER has been instrumental in our journey and we are proud to be the first Com4recycling-ring licensee. This achievement highlights our unwavering dedication to sustainability and our ambition to drive the industry towards a more circular future.Orhan Herdem, Spinning Manager at ORTA.

RIETER is proud to have collaborated with ORTA, a spinning recycled expert, in developing the ring recycling process. This partnership demonstrates our commitment to sustainable textile production and showcases the immense potential of recycled fibers.” Franziska Häfeli, Senior Vice President, Head Sales & Marketing at RIETER.



All images provided by Orta.


Written by Wouter Munnichs
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