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Orta Introduces HERE4GOOD Collaborative Kit

As the fashion and denim trade goes virtual in today’s challenging COVID-19 times, Turkish denim mill Orta has designed its HERE4GOOD collection with an interactive, collaborative kit. The unique kit is packed with the information and tools to interact with Orta’s eco-innovation advancements and ‘built to last’ vision.

The HERE4GOOD kit is designed to engage Orta’s denim brand partners with the eco-smart concepts. The kit is digitally integrated for a seamless online and offline experience that delivers a heightened sense of touch, whether it’s emotional, social and physical (in today’s extraordinary business climate and contactless social interactions). The kit also introduces Orta’s new members (only website), where partners can access inspirational trends, innovation insights, environmental impact assessment and high-definition visual assets for the HERE4GOOD collection.

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The HERE4GOOD kit is created in a modular form consisting of 6 different boxes, one for each concept: Immortalist (with resilient tech and durability); Gen H (with eco-goodness of hemp); Stretch Spectrum (extreme performance); Blu Narratives (renewed modernity of ORTA’s vintage); Bio Awake (next evolution of biodesign); and the overall HERE4GOOD narrative.

It’s playful and thoughtful, the kit immerses you in the collection’s eco-smart innovation that speaks to the demands of today’s waste-free, climate action generation, from its new industry-leading hemp fabric to dyes made from food-waste.

orta anadolu

orta anadolu

Collection Journey Via QR Codes

The Orta Gallery website is designed exclusively for the HERE4GOOD collection and launched with the collaborative HERE4GOOD kit. Special photo-shoot was organized for this new website in order to get close-up and high-resolution fabric photos. Their customers can access to this members-only website with their unique user names and experience the HERE4GOOD collection journey via Orta Gallery.

Each box on HERE4GOOD kit has QR codes that provide access to the new Orta Gallery website for more detailed information on the concepts. Each concept is enriched with a video where the stories are narrated by Orta team. In addition to concept stories; HERE4GOOD collection is elaborated with emerging trends, innovations and communication tools for Orta Gallery users.

orta anadolu

orta anadolu

The Exterior Of The Box

The exterior of the box has a QR code directly linked to overall concept narrative, with visuals and videos. With the fabric swatches inside the boxes, users can experience the fabric shades and characters for different wash levels from raw to high bleached. Fabric swatch cards include two QR codes: one directs you to the wash gallery with high resolution garment photos and fabric information; and the other QR code on the back of the swatch represents Orta’s unique QR code for the environmental impact of each fabric based on the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) data, from raw material production to its end of life.

The LCA tool helps Orta collect, analyze and monitor the sustainability performance of each of its products, which Orta has used since AW19/20. Keeping with its commitment to transparency and traceability, Orta shares its LCA data with consumers through the QR codes on the collection hangtags and Orta Blu smart phone application.

orta anadolu

orta anadolu

orta anadolu

HERE4GOOD Kit: An Online And Offline Experience

The HERE4GOOD kit provides an online and offline experience of not just the collection itself, but also Orta’s commitment to the health and welfare of its family of workers, brand partners and retailers, and to the earth that sustains us.

At Orta, they believe that more than ever, now is the time to be more social. As we’re living in a co-dependent world, and COVID-19 has taught us how fragile our systems are. But for Orta, this collection wasn’t about pulling back, it is about pushing forward with more resilient design. HERE4GOOD strengthens their handprint mission of using less to create more; more value, more performance, more abundance of goodness, and that now includes creating more social touch in our day to day business practices.

While Orta may not be able to visit each of their brand partners in real life, they continue to engage and collaborate with them through digital closeness. The HERE4GOOD kit help them to do more than review their new collection; it helps them emotionally connect with each other and share stories, encourage more eco-imaginations to improve our sustainability practices, and ensure denim’s future together.

Watch the video from the Orta HERE4GOOD kit;


Written by Wouter Munnichs
I'm the founder of Long John. Next to running this daily magazine, I'm working as a freelance denim specialist for the industry. Titled as 'Denim Influencer 2020' by Rivet 50. Celebrated my 10th anniversary with Long John in 2021.