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Orta: Custodians Are The Wearers

Inspired by the iconic 5616 fabric, Orta created “Custodians” with a versatile and broader fabric spectrum. Custodians are the wearers, the true creators that turn a denim garment into a masterpiece as denim gets only better with age.

orta custodians

Perfection In Progress, Tested by Humans, And Worn Forever

If fabrics could talk, Orta’s legendary 5616 fabric code and therefore fabric would have some stories to tell. And that’s exactly what the denim mill is focussing on with Custodians. It comes into the world perfectly. It is touched and crafted by many hands-on from its inception to being created.

Most people forget how much skills, expertise, knowledge, and energy is needed to create one single pair of jeans. For them, it is quite normal that a pair ended in a retail store with that perfect vintage look. But, how many sets of hands and complicated processes were involved to get these jeans in these stores. The process starts with the cotton farmers and then with the indigo dye masters, weaving companies, designers, and factories that turn these fabrics into garments. Each pair of jeans made a long journey before consumers can wear their future denim favorite.

orta custodians

Each Denim item Is A Masterpiece

At Orta, they believe that each denim can be seen as a masterpiece. Created slowly with a lot of attention to detail. The denim mill believes that they’re just a small part of the outcome of each creation. Each denim garment gives a voice to the cultures of yesteryears. But also holds an unsung promise of tomorrow.

They also believe, that when you buy a garment, you are not the owner of that garment. You are Custodians. Custodians of perfection! Custodians are looking out for and protecting something. Entrusted for a certain amount of time, they become part of the journey of a garment and as a result, they become ‘’Custodians of Perfection.’’

Orta is entrusting a garment to you for safekeeping. Contribute to its timeline and be part of the masterpiece for future generations to enjoy.

orta custodians

orta custodians

Orta’s Custodians Their 5616 Denim Fabrics

Over the years, many denim designers have worked with Orta’s 5616 fabric code. Many memories are attached to this as they created their own stories and collections with this. Orta’s history and its history are interwoven in this fabric. It is one of the denim fabrics that a lot of designers call out as iconic Orta fabric.

Now, with the launch of Orta’s Custodians, they embrace their past as all the family fabrics of this collection are inspired by the original 5616. An outcome is a family group of denim fabrics that group that resonates with everything the customers have always loved about 5616. This time they made a more versatile and broader spectrum of what they can do with it as they added stretch, organic cotton, recycled cotton, regenerative cotton, hemp, and colors to name a few.

orta custodians

Orta Honors Generations Of Denim Masters

With the launch of the new family members of 5616, Orta honors generations of denim masters. People who have been involved in creating, evolving, and perfecting a product. 5616 history invites them to share stories of how it was made and enjoyed as they highlight the originators of the product, the characters who have added to it, and how they have all changed the course of the destiny of the product.

Therefore, Orta invites you to become part of the narrative and capture the experiences of the 5616 playground. What would your caption be?

  • Yours Forever, CALL-ME-5616.
  • Choose one thing over everything
  • You will find us here
  • Perfection In Progress.
  • If it ain’t broken don’t change it.
  • You’re never fully dressed without a smile.
  • Tested on Humans Worn Forever.
  • Cowboys & Catwalks
  • I am a keeper

orta custodians


Written by Wouter Munnichs
I'm the founder of Long John. Next to running this daily magazine, I'm working as a freelance denim specialist for the industry. Titled as 'Denim Influencer 2020' by Rivet 50. Celebrated my 10th anniversary with Long John in 2021.